Monday, October 28, 2013

Reaching Out To Readers of My Blog

I consider my blog a new one and the  few comments made are from other sweet bloggers. When you have a blog, a whole range of stats are presented: the number of page views per day, the location world wide of the viewers, and much more. However the number of comments are few even though the number of readers continue to multiply.

My post about the belt meeting my bottom was made five days ago. The number of viewers for that post has soared to nearly 3,000. Only a handful of comments have been made. I am fine with that.

I am reaching out to the readers who read my blog. Dd/ttwd must be of interest to you. I understand that commenting puts yourself out there. That is why I give my email address to you.

Considering the number of page views, some of you must have questions. Why not email me and let's talk. Our marriage was great and now that we have incorporated ttwd/dd, we are the happiest we have ever been. Take a minute and let's get to know one another. My email is right there.



  1. Meredith

    Being new to blogland you may not know about Love Our Lurkers Day. We are all in the same boat. Post after post, there are hundreds of people who never leave a comment. LOL Day encourages these people to come by, visit and leave a comment. This year the day is November 12 and go by My Bottom Smarts for the detail if you want to participate.

    We never know why one post will get more response than another. One time I had 3000 on a Bill Cosby thing. Who knew.

  2. Hi Meredith,

    A ratio of one comment per hundred readers is very common. It says nothing about your content or how well readers like it. The fact is that there are always many more silent readers than active participants. As SG mentioned, we do designate one day per year where we celebrate our lurkers and invite them to say hello. You and all your readers are, of course, invited to participate.

    I can explain the 3000 views for one post. Congratulations, you have been Chrossed. Chross hosts a VERY popular spanking blog that each week publishes a list of favorite posts by other bloggers. Last week, your post made the list and Chross's huge readership followed him over here.

    I hope you do hear from some readers. I know I am always curious to know what they think. One technique that works well is a poll. It seems that lots of readers who won't take the time to comment will answer a poll.

    I'm glad you review your statistics and know that there are readers out there, albeit quiet ones. When I began, I thought no one was reading and almost quit. I'm happy now that I didn't. :)


  3. In my short time in the blogging world, I've noticed the same. I've thought about giving out free beer and wine, but the I didn't think virtual alcohol would go too far.

    I even put out a survey on mine recently and the amount of comments is comparable (or less) to my other posts. *Shrug* - I tried haha! Any of you are welcome to take it!

    Bonnie, your website has directed the most traffic to my blog BY FAR. Keep up the good work!

  4. It can feel discouraging sometimes when few people comment and the same people at that but I remind myself that my blog is really for me and it helps me to work through things and that keeps me going.

    Love our lurkers day is a good way to connect. Hope you get a response.

  5. I'm kind of a lurker. I read all the time and rarely comment. or I think about what I would comment ( but not actually type the comment) and go back a couple days later to read the reply and my comment isn't there. Well duh!! I didn't type it! I'm not near old enough to be doing dumb things like that!!

    Love your blog though. :)

  6. I'm similar to Sarah, I do most of my reading in short snatched intervals of time, usually on my phone when I don't have time to comment and then I forget to come back later!
    I must try harder!

  7. I'm with Sarah - I do imaginary comments because I'm reading on a device not a computer sometimes. Then I forget where I've been.
    Congrats on being Chrossed!

  8. Wow that is pretty exciting what Bonnie said! I thought your post was really nice though. I like the way you gently reached out. :) Congrats on your 3000 lurkers!

  9. I find that I get about 1 comment for every 10-15 reads in the first 24 hours after I put up a post. After 24 hours, they are really only reads. My blog isn't picked up by search engines so it's only through blogger and links on other blogs that I get hits. I think that keeps the numbers down nicely.

    It's been quiet out here lately Meredith. Hopefully in time bunches of us will pick up again with both posting and commenting but I think that for so many right now, it is hit and miss.

  10. Yeah, most people are in the closet. I know I lurked for a long time before I was willing to even discuss spanking!

  11. I still lurk a LOT! I think it can be really intimidating to leave a comment, I know it is for me anyway. I blog mostly for me, thought it does help that my husband reads it too, so I guess it's for both of us :)


  12. I'm usually lurking too. I know most blogs leave me without anything to say. I guess if there was a like button or an 'i get it' button or a 'so sorry' button, i'd be clicking away. As somebody who isn't living these kinds of things, it's hard to have meaningful input or even know the right things to say.

    I had one post with a couple thousand views and it kinda scared me... there were a lot of comments on it but maybe like 30-40 of them not thousands!

  13. Hi Meredith, congrats on being chrossed!! I don't have a clue how many people look at my blog, I really just write it because I want to. I do like it when friends comment but I am not an especially good writer so it doesn't matter. I think I would be scared if I had so many views, I like to think of my blog as chatting with my friends and I have some lovely friends who come visiting. I know about love our lurkers and am sure you will definitely get a few more commenters then. I enjoy reading your blog, your Jack seems to have enjoyed his foray into dd, ;))
    love Jan.xx

  14. Hi Meredith. I do read here often, but I guess I'm a bit lazy about commenting, lol! I can see how you would want to know who's been here and what they think about what you have gone to all the time and trouble to write. There are times when I just don't feel I have anything worthwhile to say or I'm afraid whatever I say will just sound dumb, so I stay quiet. Anyway, I do enjoy your blog and how exciting that your blog was listed on that other site Bonnie mentioned. Congratulations!