Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good To Be Home.... But The Belt?

Jack and I have returned from the journey of a lifetime, but it feels so good to be home. Our journey took us far from home. We saw famous sights and did things we have always dreamed about. The food, the animals and people made the journey memorable. Thin hotel walls and lots of people around made any ttwd/dd spanking impossible. By the end of the two weeks away, we were in real need of reaffirmation of roles. Jack was losing patience with me and I was way over the edge. However 22 hours on an airplane left little reconnection time once we were home. Too little sleep and exhaustion took over. 

 Sleep was everything! Jet lag was raging full force and we both woke up at 3AM and had a serious talk under the covers. Our wee hour talk was about using the belt for the first time. I have pushed that implement away since we began ttwd/dd. I have said no. I am not ready and I do not want it. We have had this conversation over and over again. Jack has waited and listened. He has given me time to get used to the idea, but it has not been used on my backside. With his hand on my bottom, we talked. I said that I was too anxious to take that kind of spanking. He insisted that I needed it and reinforced his strong opinion with a hand spanking right there in bed in the middle of the night. Now completely wide awake, he told me that it would be happening later that day. He said I needed it without a doubt. With so many things to do once we started our day, that belt spanking has not yet happened. We need the reset after two full weeks away. He is doing errands and I am doing laundry and worrying. He has the belt hanging in the closet away from all the other belts. I stare at it as I put folded clothes away. I am worried and he is very confident that this kind of spanking is what I need. I have read my blogland friends talk about taking spankings with the belt. I am worried. Time is not on my side. When he gets home, the music stops and the spanking happens. I need advice and strength from you and I need it rather quickly.


  1. Anticipation is often worse than the event itself. I have used a belt a couple times with Tori. The last time I used it she actually told me the hairbrush hurt worse than the belt. If you've taken spankings before, I don't think you'll find it unbearable.

  2. I've had the belt only a couple of times. He doesn't go too hard with any implement until he is used to it. The belt he was worried that he wouldn't have as much control so he went light. If your worried you can always talk to him and start out slowly.

    Good luck.

  3. Assuming its over and you survived! Hugs!

  4. I hope everything went well. A new (to you) implement is always scary at first. Sometimes the thing we dread most winds up being something we look forward to later. Other times, we find we hate it more and will beg/plead/cry never to have it used again. Whatever the case, I do hope your reconnect went well. We did a reconnect here recently and it did help immensely (though I am actually in trouble right now and a punishment is coming later for me) He even brought back maintenance. Anyway... your trip sounds like it was so lovely. I truly hope you had a wonderful time.

    much love

  5. I'm so happy you had such an amazing trip, sounds wonderful. I'm also going to assume you survived ;) and good for you, trusting Jack with this. I really hope you both had a wonderful connection afterwards. Welcome home!


  6. Gosh I don't know if it has happened by now, I don't think it is as bad as a wooden implement though so hope it wasn't too bad. xx

  7. I have to agree with English Rose. It may not be as bad as wood, at least I don't think it is. However if you've made it so terrible in your mind then it will be. Relax and trust HIM.
    Wait, it's probably over now. Late again......