Sunday, September 29, 2013

After A Great Vacation....... A Wallop Of A Spanking

Coming home from any vacation away has always been difficult for me. I am a control person and returning from a wonderful vacation sets me on edge. Jet lag is a privileged problem, granted. I had it and could not shake it. I was up at 4AM madly going from one task to another..... laundry, mail, unpacking..... re-entry is always difficult. I spin right out of control and there was Jack.

Jack told me that it wasn't all mine to do. He would work with me. I made some snide remark and rolled my eyes. He said that was it. He pulled me right into the bedroom. I told him that he could not spank me when he was upset with me. He said that he would do just that. He then told me to be still and I immediately quieted down. Bottom bared and I received a hard spanking as a home welcoming. I do know I deserved it, but being spanked when Jack is angry was not much fun. He stood me up and held that paddle on my bare backside as we continued to talk. He said that he knew we would be right back in the bedroom if I didn't settle down. I continued jumping from one task to another, but now with a sore bottom. I did feel settled. We worked together on all the things we had to do. Jack kept his eye on me and the paddle was not put away until late afternoon.

I did so well on the country roads of Europe, but right here surrounded by lots to do so very early, early in the morning, I unpacked my poor attitude and was walloped by a steady husband. I deserved exactly what happened. It is always amazing how a sore bottom can make everything seem right. We worked together on all the things we needed to do and tumbled back into bed for a sweet afternoon nap.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ttwd On A Country Road In Europe

Jack and I are enjoying the last few days of a European holiday. I have missed blogging and have decided to share my small ttwd/dd victory with all of you.

We stayed away from the big cities this time to enjoy the small little towns in between those big cities. Small hotels were our choice. We were headed into one small town, but had a really long way to go. Traveling here is very different from doing so at home. There are no hotels circling the larger cities. So we were arriving late at night, with no reservations. We were even a little lost and it was now dark. We were hungry and I was very frustrated. Late, hungry, no reservations and one tired couple in a place they did not know. Sound like an argument of blame coming on?

Before beginning ttwd/dd, the "old" Meredith would have raised her voice and blamed Jack for this big mess. The argument would have accelerated into the possible spoiling of our vacation. Things were tense in the car. I watched the clock tick off the minutes and listened to my stomach growl. We were in a strange land and knew we had a bit of a bad situation here.

I thought about how this might play out. Jack was driving in a strange place and needed me to help navigate. I needed to remain calm. I thought about Jack being the boss. He is leading and needs me to follow.i need to trust and support him, not blame and argue. He was taking care of things.

We found a hotel and the hotel people recommended a romantic restaurant nearby. I had remained calm and helpful. I was supportive and polite. While at dinner, Jack spoke about my behavior on the long car ride. He noticed! He saw that I put my frustration aside and did not attack verbally his decision. He kept us safe and we arrived in harmony and did not have an argument or long angry silences.

When in bed next to a sleeping Jack, I thought about what I had done on that car ride. I leaned into Jack and he acknowledged my doing so. He was pleased with me and told me so.

How perfect is that? I know that acting in a agreeable way will not always happen, but it happened this time. I felt different because my actions were calm and supportive. Sweet!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Meredith's Words of Wisdom

I will be away from blogland for a couple of weeks. I will miss all of you and look forward to catching up upon my return. Take care,

I have learned many things since we began this journey. I thought I would share a few of the things I think are mot important.

The connection I feel with my husband is amazing. When I am spanked, I feel loved, protected and loved every single time.

I know my opinion counts and my point of view valued.

I know that arguing beyond reason ends with a spanking.

I know that Jack is becoming a spanko. He talks, acts and does not hesitate when a spanking is needed.

I know that Jack likes the benefits of spanking me.

When I am being spanked, I am thinking about how much that paddle stings and when the spanking will be over.

Before and after the spanking, I crave his touch, strength, gentleness.

I am learning that bossiness leads quickly to a spanking.

During the spanking. I think I should have my head examined right after my rear is examined.

I know that Jack always follows through. If a spanking is needed, then a spanking happens.

I know there are never any negotiations ever.

After a spanking, I feel just two things: on fire butt and overwhelming love for my husband

Jack will not take any guff or backtalk from me.

I know that "the edge" refers to the point at which a spanking has been earned.

I know that our marriage is smoother and happier since the day we began domestic discipline.

I know that the closet is a fun place for a spanking and a very serious place for a spanking.

I know that Jack could easily be nominated for the most consistent HoH in all of DD country.

I know that I love my Jack and feel safe that he is in charge.

Jack is the boss and I am not the boss.

Jack likes to fix things including me.

Keeping my tone respectful in a discussion means Jack is listening to me.

I know that we are beginning to see the benefits of DD and celebrate the way it is working for us.

I am the happiest I have ever been and Jack feels the same way.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not So Gentle Jack And "Finishing Up"

This post is about the changes in our marriage. Things continue to change and Jack wants these changes recorded. So here is what happened on Friday.

A little background information would be helpful here. I am a meticulous housekeeper. It is one of the ways I best handle stress. Although Jack says he has a better way to handle stress, quick and reliable to my bottom.  Every drawer is neat; every flat surface is devoid of clutter and personal things; sparse and serene are my interior design trademarks. I find it soothing and peaceful. My home is that way right now!When I was a working girl, my colleagues called me a flow engineer. I was always organized and ready. Early to my work desk and early to every meeting, I was ready. Jack has always said that I would be early and giving instructions at my own memorial service. I pack early for vacations. I return library books before due dates. I keep a list of all grocery needs. I send birthday cards on time. Drawers in my kitchen are neat as a pin. The infamous walk in closet, scene of many spankings, is neat with nothing out of order. My purse is litter-free. My car has no food wrappers or clothes thrown into the backseat. I keep notebooks just because I like to. My phone is always charged. Our bed is always made  with fresh duvets. Laundry is folded and put away once the dryer's melodic chime rings. Towels are changed frequently in both the bathrooms and the spa. The guest room is pristine awaiting the next guest. The silver is polished and the crystal gleaming. File drawers are in order and color coded. Christmas shopping and greeting cards are ready before Thanksgiving. Sometimes it was a bit much. Friends gave me a bad time. Nothing out of order, no clutter of any kind!

I am a little like Martha. I crave organization and the presence of order everywhere. I detest clutter.

 Friday it was a different scene.

Jack was headed to the golf course after breakfast. He told me when he would be back. I had four hours to tidy up and enjoy my blog reading and posting. I walked through the kitchen with the breakfast dishes spread out on all counter tops. I sorted dirty laundry in piles outside the laundry room and never started the washing machine. I stripped the bed of duvet covers and left all the down quilts, feather bed and pillows spread out over the bedroom floor. I glanced at my desk and the bill work that I needed to attend to and I glanced at the grocery list that suggested a run to the store. I glanced at the birthday cards waiting to be addressed. The guest room was a mess because I have a little trip coming up and that is where I spread things out as I am packing. The cleaning supplies were on the bathroom counter and the things to be ironed were stacked on the ironing board in the laundry room. A full day of home keeping as Martha would say was waiting for me.

I walked by all of it and sat down with my iced tea and my laptop to enjoy my blogs, email my friends and begin possible posts. For four hours, I left the real world behind. I emailed friends, worked on two posts and was really enjoying myself. I have no idea where the meticulous housekeeper went. She just wasn't here. The garage door opened and I jumped with a start. Nothing had been done.......... absolutely nothing.

Jack walked in and just stared at what he found. Later he would tell me our home looked like a robbery scene. He said hello, kissed my cheek and went through the clutter mine field upstairs to shower. He really said very little. I did not hear the shower from where I sat down stairs with my laptop. He came down the stairs quietly still dressed in his golf clothes. He told me that he was dumbfounded by what he saw and could think of only one thing to get my attention. He pulled me from the couch and  we went upstairs. He pulled off my sundress and panties. He took the paddle from the dresser. He put me over his knee locking my legs under his. He spanked me using his hand and told me that I had never been spanked for not doing something, but this was a first. He kept using his hand and I was taking it pretty well although it stung. Then came the paddle and I had a very hard time holding still. When the paddling was over, he held me briefly and I could tell he was still very irritated with me. He told me he would shower and I was to get busy. I was not to touch my laptop or ipad. He asked if I understood as he waved the paddle.

Then Jack cooked a delicious dinner and I did the sous chef things like making salad and setting the table. His hand would intentional brush my bottom. He said twice that we would finish up later.
The house was in order and serenity was restored to our home, but not between Jack and me. I stayed quiet and out of his reach. My bottom hurt like never before. I kept thinking how I had changed since beginning ttwd/Dd and really thought about what I hadn't done that usually would have been second nature to me. Consistent Jack was steady and ready......... with that paddle. Second nature to him.

It was late and I was reading in bed. Jack had left the paddle on the dresser. I did not put that thing back. I will not touch it. Jack walked in the bedroom ready for bed. He picked up the paddle and came to my side of the bed. He asked what I had learned today and I told him I had learned to prioritize better. He said that was good and that we would now "finish-up." He helped me out of bed, put me over the bed, bared my bottom and paddled me five times. He put me in bed, turned out the light and climbed in on his side. He told me when we began ttwd, he did not think he would ever spank for the kind of thing he spanked for today. He said that usually housework is done as a team, but I did have plenty of time to get these things done. He put his hand on my bottom and gently turned me over so we could "spoon" to sleep. I still didn't say much. I was astounded by the day's events and really needed the day to end. Before ttwd/Dd. all this mess would have caused an long argument,  cold silence, huffiness and attitude. Not today. A spanking caught my attention and Jack finished up. Order had been restored to both our home and us.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Linking With A New Persepctive


I hope you all read Jennelle's blog at A New Prospective. It took us awhile to find one another. She left a comment on my blog which stated how much alike our journeys in Dd were. Then she sent me an email and a friendship was born. Jennelle and I  both have the most consistent of HoHs. These men are right there to guide and lead us.  We were both military wives living through deployments. When separations were in full swing, we each made the decisions for our families. When hubbies returned, we each had a hard time giving up the control and accepting our husbands' leadership. We each were talented in keeping arguments going long after decisions were made. We each have been spanked for the arguing and the inability to relinquish control. We each have shared the spanking episodes we have endured on our blogs and our emails.  Our husbands are gentle, calm, consistent and completely reliable as to how to handle a wife that won't accept decisions made.

When we found one another, each of us had recently been spanked and bemoaned how we each wanted to reach that place where we accepted our husbands ' decisions as we recognized how difficult that was.  When we first emailed one anther, we talked about deployments and the difficult involved in separation. Then we began to offer one another support. Jennelle told me she was learning to soften a discussion and to submit to spankings. Things were looking up and she and her husband were listening to one another. 

Her most recent post is a shining example of what happens when a wife accepts her husband's leadership and guidance. In the post, she acknowledges that there will be spankings, but she has learned to avoid angry confrontations and show respect when discussions replace arguments. As a result, she writes that her husband's speaking is gentle and loving. They are living the Dd life and it is working. 

I cannot imagine not having other Dd women in my life like Jennelle. To do ttwd/Dd, I need the support of other women who catch me when I stumble and cheer when I have done well following my husband's leadership. We are blogging because we care about one another. We want to learn and help one another. 

Read Jennelle's blog and comment on her keen insight. She definitely has a new perspective and I applaud her. I am not where she is just yet, but I will be. She helps me sort things out and is helping me  get it right. Tell her I said hello!