Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Big Walk-In Closet

I love a good walk-in closet. This one is NOT mine. I love the organization ........... the shoes and boots all in neat rows. The clothes arranged by color. His side and her side.......... All clothes clean, freshly ironed, and folded. Nothing out of place and everything in tip top shape. Ahhhhhhhhh!

The walk-in closet is the place when Jack often catches me changing clothes. He finds me in my robe fresh from the shower or the spa. Many a fun spanking has happened right there. We have a stool in our closet and Jack has put me over his knee while sitting on that stool. The closet has been the backdrop for Jack's lectures on my having way too many clothes. With clothes hanging right there in plain sight,  I find it hard to argue my not having anything to wear.

So Jack gave me a great good girl spanking over his knee in our bedroom. With the windows open on this summer evening, I was hoping the hand spanking was not heard by the neighbors. The spanking was long and intimate.... with good loving afterwards. Then Jack walked through the master bath to the closet and I made my move. Frisky and daring, I went right in after him. As he bent over to pick up socks, I saw my chance. He is always spanking me in the closet. Here was my turn. I paddled his rear twice and stood back. He was completely startled. He said that he did the spanking in our family. I said it was just a joke. He took me back to our bed and over I went. After ten more spanks, he asked if I needed the paddle. I said no. I told him I just wanted him to hold me. He did and we ended the evening sure of role affirmation in our marriage as well as a deeper appreciation for large walk-in closets.


  1. Haha Meredith!

    I love how sassy you are! And that Jack doesn't let you get away with it, lol! Nice attempt at giving him the spanks though - I would love to have seen his face as he was trying to process what just happened, hehe.

    :) Cali

  2. LOL, yeah, I've tried the spanking the Duke, I always lose on that one! lol I get one in, and get ten back... so not fair. LOL I hope you were able to find something to wear, though it doesn't sound like you were in a rush to need clothes. ;)

  3. It took me quite a while to work out what people meant when they referred to meeting their hubby in the closet to have their behaviour dealt with. You see we don't really have them here, we'll not ones that you could walk into anyway. They look very useful, in more ways than one!
    For me too a single slap to his rear brings many harder ones to mine.

  4. Meredith, you are just a mischievous as Nina! I bet Jack enjoys it as much as I do!


  5. -nervous laugh...- that's what I did just a second ago when I finished reading this bed...relaxing...while My Love was reading something else. The 'nervous laugh' slipped out unexpectedly but he knows me so well...I got up to wash my face and he grabbed my phone knowing the laugh was because of something I just read. I finished, came back, and snuggled in next to him. He says "who does the spanking!?" To which I replied coyly...playfully...'whoever gets there first!?' Ending the last word with a slightly higher pitch to my voice.

    Thank you for sharing this part of your life for me and others to learn from.