Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Thoughts On TTWD

Did neighbor women meet at the back fence on wash day to chat about husbands back in the day? Did they share what happens when husbands are displeased? Did women share what discipline they received? Did they discuss good girl spankings or a nighty night spankings just after the light goes out?

I really do not think that we could have changed our marriage if it were not for the women who support and help me here in blogland. Instead of feeling like I am all alone, I turn to the blogs and the support is right there. It helps so to share with other women. I know how they feel when things are humming along and they know what to say when there are bumps in the road. Since beginning this blog, many women have reached out to be a friend. Many told me to take it slow and many wrote to be careful what I wished for. Several expressed surprise when my hubby slipped into his role so easily.

Isn't blogging and emailing a lot like our grandmothers gathering at the back fence on wash day? I remember my grandmother doing just that. I know she probably discussed canning green beans, but I bet she discussed other things with her neighbors. Wives were spanked in that era. I have no idea about whether my grandmother was spanked, but I do know that women need to talk to one another about many things including what goes on at home. Emailing is just like the pen pals days of our growing up, but a whole lot faster. I greatly value my blogland friends. I do not think we could make this big change without the support of many friends I'll never meet. I do feel their love and support when I share how things are going here at my home.

So funny, but oh so true.............. I asked my hubby Jack if he wanted to read some advice from experienced bloggers. I did not say advice about just what. He informed me that he did not need instructions on how to spank his wife. He knew quite well how to handle both the spanking and his wife.

We hosted a big dinner party last night. Small dinner parties for no more than six are more my style. We had fourteen for dinner and I was a wreck before things even started. Barking, snapping and grouchy, my attitude escalated until Jack took me over his knee. We had a long talk with my bare bottom in the air and the paddle still. I hoped maybe that he would let me up after the talk. I seem to always get that part wrong. After the talk, the spanking began. I was so keyed up that this one lasted a long time. The paddle stung like crazy and tears were real close. When he stopped, he continued the talk, my bottom in the air. He told me our guests deserve a calm pair of hosts and there would be no more back talk or barking orders. He held me until I had calmed down. The party was wonderful and every once in a while, Jack would put his arm around me and his hand would stop on my bottom for a quick touch and pat.

We are away for a few days this week and as he packs,  Jack piles his folded clothes on a leather bench in our room. Right on top of his underwear and shirts is ......... the wooden spoon!

He is gentle, loving and a lot of fun, but a frim spanker.  He gives me what I need and what is good for us. He has taken to his role in a way I had not thought possible. I love him with all my heart.


  1. Meredith,

    This is perfect! I've thought a lot about how special these friendship we've found are - and how women have always seemed to seek each other out to talk things through and find encouragement or understanding.

    I love your back fence analogy! That's just about what it is here - but it's a bigger fence, lol! I love that we can meet & bond over who we are on the inside, and that our location is not an issue. We are truly blessed!

    I'm glad that your dinner party went well - preparing for those things stress me out too - my poor family, lol. But yay for Jack - he knew what you needed. I loved that you felt calmer after and that he kept touching your behind later - like a little "I love you darling" reminder. So sweet!

    Hope you have a great time away together - even though he's packing the spoon. :)

    ♥ Cali

  2. Meredith,
    You have a wonderful husband who takes such good care of you.
    Sometimes I wish we could all still talk over the back fence. Imagine the things we would talk about though ;)


  3. I'm scared of implements...but My Love says it's needed. That his hand should be more for loving touches. I'm scared.