Friday, July 12, 2013

My Officer And Gentleman

We met a long time ago. We were seventeen and in high school. We dated the summer we graduated and  fell in love. He is the only boy I ever dated. The summer we married, several couples in our family married. We are the only ones still in love and married.

His name is Jack and he has been my husband for a long, long time. He is handsome, tall, strong and intelligent. He retired from the military as a senior officer in charge of many men and women. Jack has been deployed many times. Deployment was difficult. When your husband is in a combat zone, marriage is tested for real. From far, far away and in the middle of the night, he would call. He spoke calmly as I cried. These were hard times with communication infrequent. He always spoke firmly and gently. He told me that he loved me and that we would be all right in the end. We lived apart for two years after Sept 11. We were together just two week-ends each month. Again, his phone calls calmed me.

Jack is the kind of neighbor you would want. He is quick to help others. We work together on just about everything. His philosophy is to do the job that needs doing whatever it is. He is our cook and he makes delicious meals for us. I prefer his cooking to restaurant fare. I do the clean up, but he usually is right there helping me to do that as well.

Jack's personal motto is the golden rule. He puts others first.

He never raises his voice. He does not interrupt others when they are talking. He is insistent that I learned to do these two things as well, but I have proven to be a slow learner.

Jack is a devoted college football fan. Faithfully attending home games,  he ignores the cold and the rain to cheer his team. I am his football partner eyeing the clock on the scoreboard as it ticks down the minutes.

He loves golf. He has played the big ones: Pebble Beach, St. Andrews.

My husband is a carpenter installing skylights and building beautiful furniture.

He is a master gardener bringing flowers and vegetables to our table.

He is generous especially with me. I have beautiful jewelry upgraded each time he was promoted in rank.

He is a sun worshipper and we love our sun breaks. He is our travel agent planning the next getaway.

He was a careful investor so that we would enjoy early retirement and travel.

He is steadfast and wise when we face family situations. I lean on him for his decision making.

He cannot be budged when he has made up his mind. If he thinks his decision is right, there is no more discussion.

He spanks me because he knows how important it is to me and how good it is for us. He loves all the names..... reminder, maintenance, good girl, nighty night, attitude adjustment. He is the master of
The Look.

He is agreeable. He made the purchases of a wooden spoon and paddle.

He will not tolerate disrespect from me. When we began this lifestyle, he said there would be no more yelling, sass, rudeness, endless arguments and long silences.

He appreciates how smooth life has become and how happy his wife is........... happy with a very pink backside.

I love my guy with all my heart. I love his touch, his body and his way with me, his wife.


  1. Such a wonderful and moving post Meredith. You really do have one very incredibly special guy there!


  2. Wow.... this is so sweet. I love the photo and I love the way you honor your Jack. All that you say of him, all that you appreciate about him - even joining him at games when you are just waiting for it to end, lol, shows you are his loving wife.

    I'm so glad that by bringing ttwd into an already loving marriage, you've just made it the stuff of dreams.

    ♥ Cali

  3. So lovely! He's a keeper. ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Aaw...this was lovely Meredith! I'm just getting back to reading and it was nice to stop by here and get to know both of you a bit through your description of him. :)

  5. Sweetest post ever...I see so many similarities in us...blessings to you both.

  6. I read things like this and just see all my husband doesn't do. I don't want to think like this anymore.
    Hes not a motivated man for sure, but he is a WONDERFUL MAN!
    Any advice as to how I can be better at encouraging?
    Can I help him be a better "him", is it reasonable to expect him to do more as far as work/helping around the house/etc? Or as a sub would I just take what I get from him and be happy with it?