Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Keep Forgetting The Three Parts

I keep forgetting there are three parts............. three times now.............. But I keep thinking I am still in charge. I think that I am independent and that I answer only to myself. Me!............ married and all! Accepting the Dd lifestyle, I know my independence has been replaced with my husband's authority. I just keep forgetting......... last word and the three parts do not belong to me!

This story ends with a pink dress and begins with a four day road trip with friends. We spent four days touring and hiking with friends. We stayed in a hotel with a river view. We hiked, ate great meals, visited historic sites. Several times Jack privately reminded me that I was way too saucy, sassy, mouthy. He took me aside in one of the museums we visited telling me to watch the way I was speaking to him. I told him I would, only to do it again. When we are not home, I sort of extend myself away from his authority. Once he took my hand a little too firmly and I became more submissive, only to continue to be mouthy again when we were all together. He was not happy, but hotel walls are thin and we would soon be home.

Arriving home, Jack told me we needed to talk. I was so sleepy and told Jack I wanted to talk about what happened on the trip the next morning. We slept in and were to go about our day. I had an appointment and lunch with my sister and Jack had a tee time. He asked me to join him in the living room for our talk. He asked me to sit next to him. I did just that and listened to what he had to say as we held hands. He had not appreciated my ignoring his authority and my continuation of acting sassy repeatedly. I apologized and told him I was sorry.

I was all dressed up for my day and I had to be on my way. I stood up, but he still held my hand. He said we were not finished. Our talk was over, but we still had the spanking to do. He told me to go upstairs and take off my pink linen dress. I was dumbfounded. I thought the talk had ended the incident. I started to defend myself and realized that might not be such a grand idea. Up the stairs I went. I carefully took off my linen dress and he spanked me with the paddle for what seemed like a long time. He told me that the talk is the beginning and the aftercare is the end. What happens in the middle is the spanking. He told me I needed to do a better job of remembering those three parts. He told me that we do spank for disrespect. Being respectful at all times is our one and only rule. The rule is in place when we are alone and when we are with others. If reminding me of that one rule does not work, the spanking will. I could see my pink dress as my bottom was paddled. I knew he was right about my disrespect, but it was hard to focus on words right then. I knew he was right.

Once he left for golf, I cried. I knew I had acted poorly on our trip. Old habits die hard when I am surrounded by friends who have always acted in a fun, disrespectful way. I will need to work on my respect when we are all together. No one in our group practices Dd/ttwd. I promised Jack I would do much better. I promised to remember the three parts and that the last word was not mine, but his. The spanking has a way of reminding me for quite a long time.

I put on my pink linen dress thankful my marriage is strong even if my bottom is mighty sore!


  1. Meredith,

    I'm sorry your bottom is sore, but I'm happy for the relationship you and your Jack have. He loves you enough to deal with these things, even though he had his eye on a tee time, lol. It's evident that you are loved and cherished and are treasured by him. :)

    And yes, old habits are so hard to break, especially when you are surrounded by the old gang, but I believe that the longer you are living dd/ttwd, the better prepared you will be for those type of situations.

    I really liked what he said - *that the talk is the beginning and the aftercare is the end. What happens in the middle is the spanking.* Your man has taken to dd/ttwd like a duck to water - you are truly blessed my friend!


  2. As always, your words give me both comfort and a smile. Jack always gives me what I want and what I need even if I am not fully aware of those two things. Bless you for being with me.

  3. Meredith,
    We went through this same stuff in our first year. I would do so well at home with him working on what we had agreed to and then as soon as we were out with friends I would get all feisty. He'd remind me with a look or a quick "taking-aside" but it would happen again and again. He'd do the same as your hubby once we were home and I'd be so sad. The good news is that the next time you will be a bit more aware and over time I've found that it gets easier to practice this not just in public but with good friends and even family, who both trigger my "saucy" button. It will get easier...I promise...and I can know that by how seriously both of you are taking this stuff. You want to do better and he is doing such a good job of helping you.

  4. Susie,
    You are a wise woman and must be more experieced in this Dd than me. I will take your words to heart.

  5. That is the perfect scenario. At least to me, that is exactly how Dd is supposed to work. I'm sorry it didn't work out so well for your bottom, but wow! He did and said everything he should have. Congrats on a job well done!

  6. You are correct........... it did work just the way it is suppose to...... I revert so easily to the old ways. Once the talk is complete, I am out the door. He pulls me back for sure. Our life is smoother and my bottom is sorer. Thank you for the compliment, It belongs to Jack,

  7. My Love says this to me too. Though we don't get out with friends often...he says 'if you can't respect me in our home, why would I expect it in public...though...know this! The stakes are MUCH higher in public and around family and friends!'
    I learn from every blog I read. Thank you for sharing this bit of life with us.