Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Before The Dinner Party And After Everyone Has Gone Home

My hubby Jack and I have always enjoyed entertaining in our home. We prefer small dinner parties of six people, but twice this summer, we have had bigger groups for dinner. For some reason, even after all these years, I go into a tizzy. I snap and bark and really cannot believe the anxiety I display when we have done this many times. Once the guests arrive, I am fine, calm and collected. If my guests only knew what happened between Jack and Meredith before the party started!

Stress relief spankings really do work. We have a summer dining party routine that works. We can easily stage a party. We like parties especially in the summer when guests can enjoy the garden. The music is playing and the house looks lovely. Jack lets the snipping go just so far, and then he steps in. This time the spanking came after I had done my make-up and I told him no. Oh, my! He told me he was not at all concerned with my make up. He was only concerned with paddling my backside to ensure a harmonious party. I said no again. He looked at me and put me over the bed. My bottom was bared and paddled. I made the mistake of telling him to stop. He said that just means the spanking will for sure not stop. He told me I am not in charge. He says the person getting the spanking is not the one to decide. I do know this, but when my bottom is stinging, I have a hard time remembering. All I can think about is saving my backside. The stinging is difficult. Hubby says that what a spanking is suppose to do.

When he stops paddling, I am up in his arms. He asks if I am calm. The doorbell rings and I fly into my dress as he answers the door. During the cocktail time, he passes me and runs his hand down my back to my backside. He leaves his hand there for a minute and then gives me a small spank. Smiling he moves among the guests.

When everyone has gone home, we each take a glass of wine out to the garden and enjoy the evening. I tell him I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I am satisfied and feel loved and appreciated. We make love; we laugh; we spank and enjoy one another. Life is good especially after all these years.


  1. Great post! It always amazing me how spanking can be a stress reliever. :) glad you have found a routine that works for you and that your hubby is able to give you what you need. :)

    I often get the same way...love having people over, but it stresses me out!

    1. Wouldn't it be fun to have all my favorite bloggers and their significant others over to our next dinner party? What a dinner conversation we would have!
      Thank you, Cole for your comment!

  2. This sounds wonderful :) I love entertaining too. You're so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with your husband that works when you really need him :)


  3. Aww this is so sweet. Its so nice to read! :) sounds like a great dinner party!

  4. Aww this is so sweet. Its so nice to read! :) sounds like a great dinner party!