Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Before The Dinner Party And After Everyone Has Gone Home

My hubby Jack and I have always enjoyed entertaining in our home. We prefer small dinner parties of six people, but twice this summer, we have had bigger groups for dinner. For some reason, even after all these years, I go into a tizzy. I snap and bark and really cannot believe the anxiety I display when we have done this many times. Once the guests arrive, I am fine, calm and collected. If my guests only knew what happened between Jack and Meredith before the party started!

Stress relief spankings really do work. We have a summer dining party routine that works. We can easily stage a party. We like parties especially in the summer when guests can enjoy the garden. The music is playing and the house looks lovely. Jack lets the snipping go just so far, and then he steps in. This time the spanking came after I had done my make-up and I told him no. Oh, my! He told me he was not at all concerned with my make up. He was only concerned with paddling my backside to ensure a harmonious party. I said no again. He looked at me and put me over the bed. My bottom was bared and paddled. I made the mistake of telling him to stop. He said that just means the spanking will for sure not stop. He told me I am not in charge. He says the person getting the spanking is not the one to decide. I do know this, but when my bottom is stinging, I have a hard time remembering. All I can think about is saving my backside. The stinging is difficult. Hubby says that what a spanking is suppose to do.

When he stops paddling, I am up in his arms. He asks if I am calm. The doorbell rings and I fly into my dress as he answers the door. During the cocktail time, he passes me and runs his hand down my back to my backside. He leaves his hand there for a minute and then gives me a small spank. Smiling he moves among the guests.

When everyone has gone home, we each take a glass of wine out to the garden and enjoy the evening. I tell him I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I am satisfied and feel loved and appreciated. We make love; we laugh; we spank and enjoy one another. Life is good especially after all these years.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Big Walk-In Closet

I love a good walk-in closet. This one is NOT mine. I love the organization ........... the shoes and boots all in neat rows. The clothes arranged by color. His side and her side.......... All clothes clean, freshly ironed, and folded. Nothing out of place and everything in tip top shape. Ahhhhhhhhh!

The walk-in closet is the place when Jack often catches me changing clothes. He finds me in my robe fresh from the shower or the spa. Many a fun spanking has happened right there. We have a stool in our closet and Jack has put me over his knee while sitting on that stool. The closet has been the backdrop for Jack's lectures on my having way too many clothes. With clothes hanging right there in plain sight,  I find it hard to argue my not having anything to wear.

So Jack gave me a great good girl spanking over his knee in our bedroom. With the windows open on this summer evening, I was hoping the hand spanking was not heard by the neighbors. The spanking was long and intimate.... with good loving afterwards. Then Jack walked through the master bath to the closet and I made my move. Frisky and daring, I went right in after him. As he bent over to pick up socks, I saw my chance. He is always spanking me in the closet. Here was my turn. I paddled his rear twice and stood back. He was completely startled. He said that he did the spanking in our family. I said it was just a joke. He took me back to our bed and over I went. After ten more spanks, he asked if I needed the paddle. I said no. I told him I just wanted him to hold me. He did and we ended the evening sure of role affirmation in our marriage as well as a deeper appreciation for large walk-in closets.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Keep Forgetting The Three Parts

I keep forgetting there are three parts............. three times now.............. But I keep thinking I am still in charge. I think that I am independent and that I answer only to myself. Me!............ married and all! Accepting the Dd lifestyle, I know my independence has been replaced with my husband's authority. I just keep forgetting......... last word and the three parts do not belong to me!

This story ends with a pink dress and begins with a four day road trip with friends. We spent four days touring and hiking with friends. We stayed in a hotel with a river view. We hiked, ate great meals, visited historic sites. Several times Jack privately reminded me that I was way too saucy, sassy, mouthy. He took me aside in one of the museums we visited telling me to watch the way I was speaking to him. I told him I would, only to do it again. When we are not home, I sort of extend myself away from his authority. Once he took my hand a little too firmly and I became more submissive, only to continue to be mouthy again when we were all together. He was not happy, but hotel walls are thin and we would soon be home.

Arriving home, Jack told me we needed to talk. I was so sleepy and told Jack I wanted to talk about what happened on the trip the next morning. We slept in and were to go about our day. I had an appointment and lunch with my sister and Jack had a tee time. He asked me to join him in the living room for our talk. He asked me to sit next to him. I did just that and listened to what he had to say as we held hands. He had not appreciated my ignoring his authority and my continuation of acting sassy repeatedly. I apologized and told him I was sorry.

I was all dressed up for my day and I had to be on my way. I stood up, but he still held my hand. He said we were not finished. Our talk was over, but we still had the spanking to do. He told me to go upstairs and take off my pink linen dress. I was dumbfounded. I thought the talk had ended the incident. I started to defend myself and realized that might not be such a grand idea. Up the stairs I went. I carefully took off my linen dress and he spanked me with the paddle for what seemed like a long time. He told me that the talk is the beginning and the aftercare is the end. What happens in the middle is the spanking. He told me I needed to do a better job of remembering those three parts. He told me that we do spank for disrespect. Being respectful at all times is our one and only rule. The rule is in place when we are alone and when we are with others. If reminding me of that one rule does not work, the spanking will. I could see my pink dress as my bottom was paddled. I knew he was right about my disrespect, but it was hard to focus on words right then. I knew he was right.

Once he left for golf, I cried. I knew I had acted poorly on our trip. Old habits die hard when I am surrounded by friends who have always acted in a fun, disrespectful way. I will need to work on my respect when we are all together. No one in our group practices Dd/ttwd. I promised Jack I would do much better. I promised to remember the three parts and that the last word was not mine, but his. The spanking has a way of reminding me for quite a long time.

I put on my pink linen dress thankful my marriage is strong even if my bottom is mighty sore!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two Best Friends I've Never Met

Several things I know for sure. The United States is  mighty big. The Internet is a wondrous thing. Friends are like gold, precious and valued, rare and worth keeping. Let me tell you why!

When I started blogging, I first read lots of blogs. I felt very much an outsider until I met someone who bravely gave me her email address. Not only did I write to this blogger, but another woman wrote as well. The three of us were soon linked in a way that we never imagined. The wonders of the Internet made possible a strong bond between the three of us.

Geography-wise, our country is big. I have driven across this great land twice. My new friends live far from me and far from one another. We will not be meeting soon for coffee. The wonderful Internet made possible our meeting one another. We can have that cup of coffee as we chat online.

The one of us who first blogged helped me set up my blog. She advised and coached. I leaned on her repeatedly for her humor, problem solving and experience. She calmed me as I made my first post and cheered when I was successful. What a dear friend!

We each began slowly. We shared our pen names and what state we lived in. C is from the Pacific Coast and V is from the Midwest. I live in the Pacific Northwest. Ever so carefully, we exchanged information about our lives. We are all married and have been for many years. We all have children, but they are grown or almost grown. Two of us are empty nesters and one of us grapples with teenagers and the dilemma of sound proofing! We each told one another about growing up and birth order, inching our way to the main topic all the time. Finally we asked one another about spanking. Yes, each of us loved to be spanked. And the flood gates of friendship opened.

We are best friends, but have never met. One day we will. My life is better because of these women. We are one another's confidant. There are only two people in all the world that I can share my blogging, thoughts and troubles concerning ttwd. We are one another's cheerleader, supporter, hand holder, advice giver and listener.

We talk about implements, places spankings occur, the lack of privacy when having house guests, the benefits of a spanking at bedtime to calm and settle us, the words of encouragement a wife might tell her husband.  We share advice on how to get husbands to really listen and hear what we are saying. When one of us is hurting from misunderstood feelings in dealing with a husband, we rally around the friend. We cheer when a spanking goes well and commiserate when a spanking went a different way.  We are so lucky to have found one another. We email everyday. We understand one another.

Interestingly, our husbands are very much alike. They spank us because they know it is what each of us wants and needs. There are no punishment spankings, but all the other kinds are used! We exchange the spanking tales that occur in each of our homes and console, cheer or advise one another. One of us is  spanked for sass and attitude. Another is spanked for just plain enjoyment and one of us is spanked as her bottom tingles in anticipation. The personalities of the three husbands sound very much alike. These three guys are loving, caring, firm and gentle, but they have never met.

The Internet brought us together and the bravery of one blogger knit us as friends forever. I can really be who I am. I can share what I am feeling, difficulties I have and what is in the future. Who can really say that about their real life friends? I have many real life friends. None of them know I am a ttwd wife. Online, I can be who I really am and these two people are there to listen and support  me.

I love them and one day we will meet. We have exchanged photos and more and more personal information. I like to say that these two women are coming with me for the rest of my life. How fortunate can one new blogger be? Mighty lucky indeed!

If you are new or are feeling like you are just looking in from the outside and want something more, approach a blogger and start a conversation. Many bloggers have become friends with others who read the blogs. The connection will make you feel accepted and safe. We are here. You know where to find us. 

Thank you, C and V,

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Thoughts On TTWD

Did neighbor women meet at the back fence on wash day to chat about husbands back in the day? Did they share what happens when husbands are displeased? Did women share what discipline they received? Did they discuss good girl spankings or a nighty night spankings just after the light goes out?

I really do not think that we could have changed our marriage if it were not for the women who support and help me here in blogland. Instead of feeling like I am all alone, I turn to the blogs and the support is right there. It helps so to share with other women. I know how they feel when things are humming along and they know what to say when there are bumps in the road. Since beginning this blog, many women have reached out to be a friend. Many told me to take it slow and many wrote to be careful what I wished for. Several expressed surprise when my hubby slipped into his role so easily.

Isn't blogging and emailing a lot like our grandmothers gathering at the back fence on wash day? I remember my grandmother doing just that. I know she probably discussed canning green beans, but I bet she discussed other things with her neighbors. Wives were spanked in that era. I have no idea about whether my grandmother was spanked, but I do know that women need to talk to one another about many things including what goes on at home. Emailing is just like the pen pals days of our growing up, but a whole lot faster. I greatly value my blogland friends. I do not think we could make this big change without the support of many friends I'll never meet. I do feel their love and support when I share how things are going here at my home.

So funny, but oh so true.............. I asked my hubby Jack if he wanted to read some advice from experienced bloggers. I did not say advice about just what. He informed me that he did not need instructions on how to spank his wife. He knew quite well how to handle both the spanking and his wife.

We hosted a big dinner party last night. Small dinner parties for no more than six are more my style. We had fourteen for dinner and I was a wreck before things even started. Barking, snapping and grouchy, my attitude escalated until Jack took me over his knee. We had a long talk with my bare bottom in the air and the paddle still. I hoped maybe that he would let me up after the talk. I seem to always get that part wrong. After the talk, the spanking began. I was so keyed up that this one lasted a long time. The paddle stung like crazy and tears were real close. When he stopped, he continued the talk, my bottom in the air. He told me our guests deserve a calm pair of hosts and there would be no more back talk or barking orders. He held me until I had calmed down. The party was wonderful and every once in a while, Jack would put his arm around me and his hand would stop on my bottom for a quick touch and pat.

We are away for a few days this week and as he packs,  Jack piles his folded clothes on a leather bench in our room. Right on top of his underwear and shirts is ......... the wooden spoon!

He is gentle, loving and a lot of fun, but a frim spanker.  He gives me what I need and what is good for us. He has taken to his role in a way I had not thought possible. I love him with all my heart.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Officer And Gentleman

We met a long time ago. We were seventeen and in high school. We dated the summer we graduated and  fell in love. He is the only boy I ever dated. The summer we married, several couples in our family married. We are the only ones still in love and married.

His name is Jack and he has been my husband for a long, long time. He is handsome, tall, strong and intelligent. He retired from the military as a senior officer in charge of many men and women. Jack has been deployed many times. Deployment was difficult. When your husband is in a combat zone, marriage is tested for real. From far, far away and in the middle of the night, he would call. He spoke calmly as I cried. These were hard times with communication infrequent. He always spoke firmly and gently. He told me that he loved me and that we would be all right in the end. We lived apart for two years after Sept 11. We were together just two week-ends each month. Again, his phone calls calmed me.

Jack is the kind of neighbor you would want. He is quick to help others. We work together on just about everything. His philosophy is to do the job that needs doing whatever it is. He is our cook and he makes delicious meals for us. I prefer his cooking to restaurant fare. I do the clean up, but he usually is right there helping me to do that as well.

Jack's personal motto is the golden rule. He puts others first.

He never raises his voice. He does not interrupt others when they are talking. He is insistent that I learned to do these two things as well, but I have proven to be a slow learner.

Jack is a devoted college football fan. Faithfully attending home games,  he ignores the cold and the rain to cheer his team. I am his football partner eyeing the clock on the scoreboard as it ticks down the minutes.

He loves golf. He has played the big ones: Pebble Beach, St. Andrews.

My husband is a carpenter installing skylights and building beautiful furniture.

He is a master gardener bringing flowers and vegetables to our table.

He is generous especially with me. I have beautiful jewelry upgraded each time he was promoted in rank.

He is a sun worshipper and we love our sun breaks. He is our travel agent planning the next getaway.

He was a careful investor so that we would enjoy early retirement and travel.

He is steadfast and wise when we face family situations. I lean on him for his decision making.

He cannot be budged when he has made up his mind. If he thinks his decision is right, there is no more discussion.

He spanks me because he knows how important it is to me and how good it is for us. He loves all the names..... reminder, maintenance, good girl, nighty night, attitude adjustment. He is the master of
The Look.

He is agreeable. He made the purchases of a wooden spoon and paddle.

He will not tolerate disrespect from me. When we began this lifestyle, he said there would be no more yelling, sass, rudeness, endless arguments and long silences.

He appreciates how smooth life has become and how happy his wife is........... happy with a very pink backside.

I love my guy with all my heart. I love his touch, his body and his way with me, his wife.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just One More Wake-Up!

Here it is the seventh day of the month and still no post completed and posted! We have lovely house guests who have stayed a week, but are leaving tomorrow. These house guests have been wonderful, considerate, helpful and fun. We have been on the go sightseeing just about everywhere there is to go. 

It's time for their departure. Hubby whispered in my ear last night as we crawled into bed. He said that in a week's time, I have pushed, barked and bossed in the old, pre-DD way. I even started to disagree with that assessment, and I felt his hand on my bottom, firm and hard! He said in a whisper, "I know what you need". There would be no spankings until the guests leave. Our guests leave at noon on Monday and by 1pm, I know where we will be and what we will be doing. Not too difficult to figure this out!

I miss terribly his hands on my body, the spankings I count on and his soft loving words that follow.  I miss the feeling of closeness and the way we touch and love one another.

Our guests are wonderful, but I love our life and want it back. Just a wake-up left.............