Monday, June 17, 2013

The Young Bride and All Those Wooden Spoons

The young bride wanted everything to be brand spanking new. The crock in the kitchen held the shiny new utensils. She never used them. She loved the way they looked, tall, thick and strong. One evening she came back a little on the late side from a fun time with girl friends. She put her key in the lock and opened the door. Her husband Jack stood at the kitchen sink with his back to his wife standing in the door way. One of those new wooden spoons was in his back jean pocket. He was standing directly in her line of vision.

No spanking was given to the young wife. The spoon was returned to the crock. She deserved a spanking, but it would be a long time until the sting of the spoon would be felt on her bottom. Sure, there were swats and playful spankings before making love, but no paddling for her misbehaving or her sassy mouth.

Life was busy for this young couple. Babies, careers, vacations, illnesses, military deployments and such happened quickly and then the couple discovered the nest was empty.

Many decades slip by, and the couple is older and wiser now. Very much in love and willing to satisfy one another, they enter into new territory. The wise husband says yes to beginning something new after he listens to "The Talk" presented by his very nervous wife.

Before the couple can really begin this new way of living, the husband makes a purchase at Target. No crock with hold this utensil. This shiny wooden spoon will be placed in his dresser, ready and handy for use. All is well; his wife is ready and the wait will not be long.


  1. Oh Meredith,

    Even though I know the "ending" you've got me holding my breath!

    I love how you describe your hubby as being wise; and how you two are very much in love even after the busy decades that have slipped by. There's something beyond romantic about a couple who've weathered the storms together and still hold hands. :)

    And I especially loved that your hubby immediately went to Target, hehe, to get his first implement - show's he totally on board with his beloved wife. <3


  2. Cali,
    I have had a busy early morning! Responding to all who have commented is a nice way to say thank you. I feel taken in community............. rather than TiH!!!!
    You helped with all that and I am grateful.
    I think this ttwd only works if love and trust are in place.

  3. I have a similar crock full of wooden utensils in my kitchen - honey, BURN THEM!



  4. Thank you, Ami, for the sound advice. I will put it at the top of my To-do-list.
    Glad to finally meet you! I am adding you to my blog roll!

  5. Hello Meredith :) It looks like you're off to a great start here. I'm looking forward to reading more about you and your husband.

  6. Thank you for your kind words and warm greeting.

  7. I wonder why he took the spoon out if he wasn't going to use it? :) It's funny how after you start this sort of thing all the utensils in the house suddenly have potential spanking qualities though. You'll see!
    Hope all is well for you. Cute post!

  8. Sara,
    He was young and so was the bride. No worries now though as his confidence is readily applied to my backside.