Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recipe For A "Reset" Spanking

A long afternoon of continual, never ending rain

Where is summer?

Gloomy and not a bit like summer!

A nap too long and most unusual

Grouchy comments exchanged

Things not going the way I would like

Telling hubby I am out of sorts

My one word answers, short and sharp

Hubby followed me upstairs

Few words spoken

He says, "No words necessary".

OTB and bottom bared

Wooden spoon......... longer and harder

Pulled up quickly into his arms

"Are you calmed down now?"
"Have we settled things?"
"Do you need more?"

Amazing......... My mood changed as my bottom reddened
I am calm and "reset"

I do not understand what happens. I am just thankful my hubby is tuned in and oh, so willing to help me.


  1. Maybe that's what all those annoying naysayers and meanies need, a reset spanking. I for one would love to give them one! Glad your reset went so well for you.

    much love

  2. Totally Understand....well I understand the fact that we don't understand at all why it works but it does! Lol

  3. This was more like a poem than a recipe - oh so sweet! I'm so glad that your hubby recognizes and takes care of what you need ~ lucky lady!

    ♥ Cali

  4. Thank you for the comments, Sara, Cole and Cali. When we began ttwd, I knew it would be my mouth that would cause the connection to my bottom! Ouch!

  5. I just works. Nobody can fully figure it out.

  6. This is where I am today. I don't understand why...but it works...will I know someday why or how it works?