Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Be Still My Heart!

Palm Springs is lovely in April. Hot by day and lovely in the evenings we enjoy going. We were there to escape the gray of the Pacific Northwest. We hiked in Joshua Tree State Park. When the sun was high in the sky, we returned to our hotel. I parked myself in a chaise lounge in the shade of a grove of palm trees. With wifi surrounding me, I enjoyed my book reading and then took a break in the pool. Returning to my shady spot, I decided to just surf on my ipad. By sheer accident, I discovered the Learning Domestic Discipline site. I did not come up for air with the exception of meals and dips in the pool. My sweet husband thought I was reading my usual interior design blogs. I did not blink. I just read and read. Oh, my!

The sun break really was a blur. I was deep into the blogs, reading entries and comments. I am really a secret spanko. My sweet husband just thought I must have downloaded some really great books! When I finally came up for air, I knew that it would just be a matter of time until I approached my husband.

Our marriage is solid and long lasting. The summer we married, other family members married as well. All are now divorced. We are the only ones still standing. We are very comfortable and settled. However sometimes, I am cranky, out of sorts and just plain grouchy. I can continue arguing until we don't speak. An argument can continue beyond reason. Hubby is a mild mannered and even keeled and I am the feisty one. The thought of smoothing things out for the long haul was immediate. No more never ending arguments which resulted in long silent drives in the car. I would have to give up the bossy remarks, the sass and lean on his choices. I would have to give up needing to be right. There would be consequences for not doing so.

Now I focused on the way to approach my husband. Would he spank me for disrespect? Would he end an argument that I kept up? I began to work on my presentation of "The Talk".  I spent  a lot of time reading about how other wives presented DD to their husbands. I took notes. I did more thinking. I was nervous and then I was ready.

I haven't looked at any interior design blogs in quite a long time!!

To be continued


  1. Isn't it amazing when you find it? It's like WHOA where has this world been hiding??? We started out our marriage with DD (our novice version based on nothing we ever heard or read about) so when we recently found all the info online and the blogs I was overwhelmed by it all. Very exciting. We learned a lot from those blogs and changed our approach this time around :)

  2. Sara,
    You are so right! I think about all the time wasted in angry silences and think "Where was this?" Why did we not get to this DD a long time ago?

    BTW, you are an excellent writer! I like the way you approach each post a different way although it always ends the same!!!!!!

  3. You make me laugh Meredith!

    ** My sweet husband thought I was reading my usual interior design blogs. I did not blink. I just read and read. Oh, my! **

    Haha! I was just like that too! It's like discovering the secrets of the universe (well at least the secrets of our INNER universes, right?) and we just can't get enough knowledge! But then there comes the day we just HAVE to share it with our sweet "unsuspecting" husbands so that we can BOTH enjoy it!

    It's even sweeter when you get to connect with other like-minded couples who can understand & come alongside you too. I'm so glad for you that you stumbled upon LDD and all the wonderful people here in blogland.

    And it's always fun to read how each of us has faced and lived through "the talk".

    Can't wait for the next "installment"!

    :) Cali

  4. You are a sweet, dear friend and the thing that brought us together makes our marriages wonderful. My hubby did dispute my ability to actually hold still.