Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Sunday Morning ...... With A Sore Backside!

This Sunday was especially lovely. Sunny and warm, we busied ourselves preparing for the arrival of house guests. While folding laundry, I brought up a family situation that we have discussed many times. My hubby and I disagree on how this matter should be handled. We have talked it over many times and continue to get no where. He said enough with the bickering. We would do it his way...... end of discussion. Oh, no, I said. My way is the best way to handle the problem.  I continued beyond reason why we needed to solve this my way. I told him he needed to listen to me. My mild mannered, even tempered guy glared at me and simply said, "enough".  He took my hand and we went upstairs with me still telling him why my way was best all the way up the stairs. He took out the new paddle and told me to take my shorts off.

I asked him to wait for a few minutes before spanking me. I said he was too upset and he agreed. He told me to wait right there and he would be back. He came back shortly and seemed calm. We talked again standing next to our bed. I said I would agree to his way of handling the family situation. I turned to walk out of the room. Big msitake! He told me I was not going anywhere. He said I needed to be paddled for my arguing. He said I waste too much time arguing when a decision had been made and when I did so, I was being disrespectful. He said I needed to be paddled and he needed to do it.

This felt as real as real can be. He bared my bottom and put me over the bed. He spanked me twice..... once with his hand and once with the paddle. I was close to tears, but the message was loud and clear that my disrespect would not be tolerated. This spanking was the longest and hardest yet. Once he put the paddle down, he brought me up to meet his eyes.  I mumbled something and he began spanking me standing up. I wanted to shout stop, but knew it was best to keep quiet. I learned making remarks after a spanking might earn me more.

What did I learn............... to know the difference between making my point and knowing when to stop. If I can't see the difference, I will feel the difference.

I still disagree with his decision, but I will follow what he has decided. We began this journey in the middle of May and here we are at the end of June. A marraige after all these years has indeed changed.


  1. Don't forget to laugh at him if he is WRONG! LOL!

  2. M,

    I know how hard it is to submit to a decision that you don't see eye to eye with. (And sometimes we women know we are right! lol! We see things that the guys just don't see.) But as hard as it is, this is what we want, and also what they want - for us to be harmonized in our marriages, so it's worth it. Just keep on doing your best to support him in his decision - and let him know at a later time that maybe you sometimes need to discuss things more without it seeming like an argument, or being disrespectful. But even though it's hard, it's still so much better.... right?

    :) Cali

    1. Those are thoughtful words.......... Later I found myself leaning into him and loved the support and love I felt. The lesson was learned and I am learning to let him lead.........

    2. This will be the hardest for me. I know this sounds sassy and you ladies are going to think "Yup, this woman NEEDS DD."

      I am the one with my head on straight. Without a long list of examples it would be hard to explain, but I really am right most of the time. My dear hubby wants to ignore things, things that NEED attention, like invoicing a client so we can get paid, so we can pay bills. Or with the kids, things like do your school, talk to me respectfully. He's so smart in many ways and other ways completely ... oblivious?
      How do you give a man reigns that doesn't know how to lead? Or when he does its the wrong way. I don't mean something little like, buying a vacuum or a new stove and I think maybe he made the wrong choice. I mean things like spending money when we don't have it or not seeing when the kids are out of control.
      I want this lifestyle, but I'm also concerned to give someone dominance over me when that person struggles with areas has already in charge of.
      I love him. There is just no simple way to ask these questions. he's an amazing person, I love him with everything I am. he's just not a leader.

  3. As mush as being spanked sucks, its nice to know that he is now responsible for anything going wrong in the way the situation is handled. ;)


  4. Liked the line about being able to see the difference or else you'll feel the difference. So true, isn't it. Sometimes when we feel passionately about something though, it can be hard to know when to back down and when to stand and fight. I am sorry the spanking was so hard, but I'm sure the lessons in it will help your marriage grow even more. :)

  5. Hi Meredith,

    It is one of the hardest things about submission when we do not agree with our HOHs, but this is where trust comes into play. That takes strength! Nice to meet you!:D

    ***Encouraging Hugs***

  6. Thank you for your kind, thoughtful comments.

  7. Uhhhh I feel the need to blog about a few nights ago when, RIGHT AFTER he spanked me for attitude, told me to stand up and look at him...I replied with 'do you feel better now?' Uh. Not my finest, I understand this post.