Monday, December 30, 2013

Leaning Into Jack

I feel like whispering because if I say it out loud, the smoothness becomes real bumpy. Jack is taking care of things. For the most part, I am accepting his guidance and decisions. The shakedown time is over. Things are different here. What has changed is me.

Flipping out creates a sideshow here. I have done that twice in the last few weeks. Jack took care of things. He spanked and then spanked again. Because I know what will happen, I find myself checking what I say and what I do. I remember that calm and serene are best and usually act accordingly.

We do a lot of talking. In fact we do way more talking than spanking. Communication is especially essential.  The two places we do the most talking are in the car and under the covers. Jack talks the language of ttwd/dd like no one else. He tells me what would happen to my backside if .................
This talk that he does really turns me on and results in my listening and following what he says to do.
The best line Jack gives me is "You choose....... you can lean into what I say or what I want you to do or you can lean over the bed".  He says. "You have the bottom and I have the paddle".

This talk so settles me and focuses my behavior, talking and thinking. So we continue to do role affirmation spankings, good girl spankings and lots of spanks during the day as we go about things. I won't say things are smooth because saying that causes things to go crazy here. We are just living a ttwd/gentle dd life. It works for us.

Jack is a gentle HoH who is strong and determined to keep the peace in our home. There is strength in his gentleness and he is always so good to me. He knows what I need and he gives me what I need.

Something else has happened in a sweet, gentle way too. We have been married a long time. Yet at this time, we feel more intimacy than at any other time in our marriage. It is like we are falling in love all over again only this time we are wiser and older.  At a time when other marriages  crumble or husbands and wives lead separate lives, Jack and I are very much in love and are very sensual and responsive to one another. He wants me in lovely lingerie and compliments me concerning my body. He does see my backside sometimes a little too much, but he really likes my new submissive nature. He says he likes when I step back and accept his way. He says it surprises him when I accept this new way.  I don't argue. I remain calm. I am leaning into what he wants.  I am still whispering these words because when I say them out loud, the smoothness can evaporate.

Does that happen to you too?


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Jack and I wish you and yours the happiest of holidays. The apple pie is in the oven and all is right in Meredith's world. Jack is happy and the winter sun is shining. Enjoy your friends and family. Jack and I are doing just that.

Meredith and Jack

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Sexy Skirt And An Attentive Husband

Even with Christmas approaching we tangle with messy family stuff. I was feeling really down because I can't fix it. All I can do is invite my family to Christmas Eve dinner and hope that there is love and peace around the table. It is not my problem to fix. I have been spanked for arguing with Jack about this family situation and Jack asked if I needed another spanking to stop the fretting, worrying and arguing. I quickly said no and spent some time really feeling down with the joy of the  season upon us.

Jack found me, held me with his hand on my bottom. He told me he wanted me in my new, sexy, short black skirt and my smart little jacket. We were going out. I said that I did not really feel like it and with that, he swatted me right there in the kitchen. He said we were going for a little Christmas shopping and we would enjoy wine in a little bistro afterwards. I could go willingly or I could go with a really sore bottom. He would allow no pouting and I was to have a smile on my face and a swing to my new skirt! I choose the swing in my skirt option.

We went to a little town where the busyness of the holiday had been forgotten. Little shops were open and shopkeepers were friendly. We parked the car as dusk settled and all the little bright lights shone.  We bought just a few things and headed for the bistro. Jack continually touched me........ holding hands, placing his hand on my backside. We walked the village streets in love like we were kids.

We enjoyed our wine and he complimented me on bouncing back and for responding positively to his talk. We talked about some future travel plans and teased about gifts under the tree. I leaned into his heart and mood and he caught me with his love and strength. Never have I loved him more.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spanked An Hour After Posting About Mellow Meredith

One hour after posting about Mellow Meredith, I was spanked! Good grief! Jack and I went from mellow to OTB in just over an hour. I had tooted that life was smooth and easy with no bumps, no arguments, no bickering. I had shared that Jack had it too easy. And just like that, an argument flared. Jack and I had words. I shouted and cried and the spanking hadn't even started. Jack had one hand on his hip and his other hand pointing a finger at me and the bed. I quickly asked forgiveness and he said all would be forgiven after the spanking. So just like that, I went from submissive good wife to submissive paddled wife in a little over a hour's time. 

When I had posted about Mellow Meredith, I was really feeling smug and assured that we had this ttwd/dd down and what quick learners we both were. Six months to smoothness! HA! I was really shook up after the spanking not believing how I could go from mellow to paddled so fast. I cried during the argument and knew in my heart where this was all going. Jack is never hesitant. He quickly took care of my bottom and now we start over again. 

There will be no more posts about mellow and smooth.


Mellow Meredith

Things are so easy right now. Ttwd/dd has had an amazing effect on our marriage. Jack and I are so gentle and sweet with one another. It seems almost eerie and unnatural. Where is my fight, my grouchiness, my sass, my backtalk?  It has significantly diminished. I tell Jack that he has it too easy. Sure, we kid and tease  talking about ttwd/dd, but there has been no HoH looks and no big spankings in quite some time. We have had fun spankings and have recently purchased another implement. Smooth and mellow here!

Jack has complimented me many times on my leaning into his direction and wishes. He has said he is amazed at the change in me! I am calm and so is our home. My contrariness is gone and we both feel it.

I am expecting the familiar setbacks, but none have happened so far. No arguments, no long silences, no bickering! I feel such a big change inside. Jack talks about spanking me and I just melt into those words. The fight in me has vanished. My temper is no more. Friends have commented on this change and ask why. I could tell them that my flaring temper has been paddled right out of me, but that hasn't  been necessary in quite awhile.

We are doing role affirmation spankings.......... preventative spankings if you will. They are working me right into being mellow. As Jack says, what's not to love.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

More photos That Speak To Me Part Three

This is the third bunch of photos that make me think about how much ttwd/dd influences our lives.
Consent and surrender, trust and love,  hamonry and peace at home .......... as we approach the days before Christmas, I give thanks to a husband who is loving, gentle and kind. He gives me what I both need and want. Thank you, Jack. Thank you, readers. 


Special thanks for the research, L.


Friday, December 6, 2013

Surrender Spanking and Things I Want To Know

To submit to Jack for a spanking is humbling and powerful. When it is time, he tells me to be still. And that is just what I do. I quiet and get ready to submit. To me, it is the most powerful of our ttwd/dd moments. When he decides to spank, there are no negotiations or arguing. I am to be quiet and get ready. I find it amazing because that is just what I do. I become still and Jack gets me ready. I am really amazed by my behavior as I do what Jack tells me to of.  I work hard at become submissive to Jack everyday. I stumble and try again. However when he takes me to the bedroom, I mind him. I am still and quiet.

My questions are for you, the reader.

When it is time to go over your husband's knee, do you become quiet and submissive?

Are you still arguing and still fighting his decision with the spanking about to start?

At what point, do you accept what will happen?

Please tell me.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Double Standard At My House

I hate to buy gas. Plenty of bloggers are right there with me. I dislike stopping in the middle of my errands to put gas in the car. Annoying and time consuming, indeed. Several bloggers have commented on ignoring the gas gauge as the needle dips to the danger zone. A couple of bloggers have run out of gas completely. As a young bride in a brand new beetle bug, I did run out of gas and thought never again.  Now I have a really fun sports car and its gas gauge beeps when the tank reaches that point that requires a trip to the gas station. I usually ignore the beep, drive home and tell Jack that my car needs gas. I know................ that sounds indulged, spoiled and whatever. 

Sometimes Jack forgets my reminder. So I find myself at the gas pump when I am needing to be on the road, the freeway or on to the mall. The last time this happened,  I filled my gas tank halfway and went merrily on my way. And there is the problem. Halfway does not make Jack happy! I filled it halfway because I was running late. Pumping gas takes time. Right? Jack was very upset with me. He told me if I ever just did that job halfway, I would be spanked. Really? I still do not know what the big deal was. But wait, there is more. 

Now flash forward to just before Thanksgiving travel. I was with Jack when we stopped for gas in his car. He informed me that he was filling the tank halfway as the car would be at the car park for the next ten days while we traveled for Thanksgiving. Halfway, I replied. Really! So you can fill the gas tank halfway, but I must fill the tank completely in my car or get spanked. Why is that?

So right there at the gas station, Jack became all HoHy.  He seldom is that way verbally. He gathered me in his arms and said he would do it his way and I would do it his way. If more directions and reasons were needed, we would be doing both the explaining and the directions up in our bedroom with the paddle. He said again that there was his way and only his way concerning this subject. 

The ride home was very quiet and I uttered one too many sighs and sideways glances. Once home, he spanked me in the garage, me, bare bottomed and he, using his hand. Did he make himself understood? Yes, I said as I got things back in order covering my backside.

But not really!  I still do not understand the double standard here. When I told Jack what this post was about, he puffed his chest and for just a minute, I thought I would be put over his knee. 

What gives with the gas tank half full or to the brim? Actually I am a little weary about bringing it up again as Jack becomes visually HoHy when I do.  Someone needs to help me here. Double standard and a garage spanking!! Help me understand!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sweet Surrender

This long Thanksgiving time finds us with family far from home. The visiting was great and all we did was fun. Living in a hotel for a week was not at all fun. We really could not be ourselves. Returning to the hotel late at night and getting up early to join family for another day's adventure was fun, but this schedule left little time for us.

Jack complimented me on how I was handling things. He said he was pleased with my leaning into his decisions. Smooth and sweet until.............. on our almost last morning here, I barked orders and was snippy. Jack was quick to spank, hard and fast despite paper-thin hotel walls. Once again, I was totally surprised by this spanking. I had not realized how bossy I was. Jack was right there "to take care of things".  After the short spanking, I melted into his arms and apologized.  He said that the bossiness needs to go and he will spank it away whether we are home or away.

So now over six months in to ttwd/dd. and another time away from home, I am doing better at knowing what my husband expects of me and am aware that if needed, reminders will come my way. I find it very reassuring and safe to know that this sweet surrender is so right for me to accept.  I love the way it makes me feel. I feel loved and care for in so many ways.

We are home the day after tomorrow. When we are home and privacy is ours, I know we will have that delicious time to ourseleves and do the reaffirmation Jack and I both think is really important.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jack's Score Card

Jack has a score card. He is keeping points. When the card is full, a spanking is forth coming. What?? I knew nothing about this score card.

We were returning from a morning urban hike. The sun was out, the weather crisp and cold. I was irritable, huffy and not happy. It was just one of those days. Even keeled Jack did not understand and would cut me no slack. Would I like a spanking on a cold bottom? He asked me and told me that was where I was headed. I could count on it. I think I rolled my eyes and sighed.

Then he told me his score card was just about full. Score card? Are we talking golf here? A low score is a golfer's dream. Was Jack talking golf? No, he was NOT talking golf. His score card had nothing to do with golf and everything to do with my bottom.

He told me that he was tallying demerits concerning my disposition. What??  He told me that he had tallied some misbehavior of mine. Let's see: several snarly remarks, several things not completed on the home front, some distancing, some attitude that needs adjusting and a recent eye rolling. Are these things given points?

Yes, said Jack. The number of points were adding up and the score card was just about full. Wait...... I did not know about any score card. Jack had been tallying hatch marks? Really???  Smart remarks are counted up? Attitude is calculated by hatch marks?  How many tally marks for rolling my eyes? I do not know about any of this!

I asked him if I get to see the score card. Jack said there was no fun in that.  He told me he keeps the score card in his mind. Really??? The bottom line he says is my own bottom. Yikes! How will I know when the score card is full? Jack smiles and says, "Oh, you will know. It will be broadcasted all over the bedroom. "

When we got home, Jack did spank me........short, "sweet" and stinging.... He called it an "I love you" spanking with no implements..... just his hand and my bare bottom. That score card had been redeemed and a new clean one was already in place.

Does your husband keep a score card? Does he keep track of the little things until a spanking is due? How do you know when you are getting close to the edge? How do you know when you are crossing the line? Are you camping out on that line? What happens when you go over "the edge"?


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Favorite Photos Part 2

This is a second set of photos that tell stoires of women who are spanked and loved. I am not subservient to Jack. I am submissive to him. He is leading and I am leaning into his decisions. 

Thank you, L.
Fondly, Meredith

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jack's Perspective

Jack, here again. I enjoyed writing my previous post "Spanking Meredith".  She shared your kind comments with me. So, I thought I'd write again, sharing a little more of my HoH perspective on our ttwd/dd lifestyle.

Meredith and I spend a lot of time talking, spanking talk especially, while walking for exercise, traveling together......... road trips are best. It is perhaps much easier for us than for many of you, since we are empty nesters. It is these talks, good clear communication, that makes this work so well for both of us. We share our needs and thoughts, post-spanking session feelings, and how spanking benefits our lives and marriage. It helps, too, that we both are firmly committed to this lifestyle. It also helps that Meredith has found a community of on-line blog/email friends to share ideas, advice, suggestions and experiences. It's this camaraderie or bonding of women that has helped support both Meredith and me as we move forward in ttwd. I call these women "Team Meredith".  And it is a fun, safe place to meet and get to know one another.

An on-line friend recently wrote to Meredith saying that she has noticed a wonderful change in Meredith over the last six months. I have certainly seen the changes in Meredith....... but in both of us as well. I see how Meredith has become more calm, leaning into my lead on many family, social, household, financial, and travel decisions. Meredith is not subservient to me. That is not our way. She has become submissive to my leadership and WE find that regular spankings , be it good girl, reminder or role affirmation spankings keep us focused on our roles and relationship and love for one another. That said, Meredith knows only too well that if she gets too worked up over something, sassy or defiant, I don't hesitate to set things back on a true course with a firm spanking and a talk.

We are still finding our way, trying different home locations and circumstances for spankings and implements used........ lately, I have gone to a thorough warm up with my hand on Meredith's bare bottom followed by the belt, then the wooden paddle. and finishing with a firm holding and talk...... holding that paddle tightly across her hot, pink/red bottom. Consistency and predictability are crucial in how ttwd/dd is applied for best results.

Now, if only I could find that same kind of consistency and positive results in my golf chipping and putting!

Thanks for listening to my perspective. I will write again soon.

No glory, no shame, respect for all.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Things Are Changing At Our House

We took a long walk on Veteran's Day. We both had our music and were going to listen separately as we walked. Rather than plugging in and ignoring one another, Jack decided he had some things to tell me. He complimented the way I was accepting his leadership and decisions. He felt my surrendering in many obvious ways and in many subtle ways too. I smiled ear to ear. He acknowledged the way I was learning to listen, make better choices and lean into his leadership. His compliments were genuine and loving. We continued our walk enjoying a feeling of success and pride in what we felt in our marriage.

Jack is relishing his leadership role and he enjoys the benefits of ttwd/dd. His home is full of love and his wife is following his direction............... most of the time!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Meredith Loves Her Lurkers

I know the stats don't lie. Many silent readers are out there. Why not email me and let's talk? Once I was a lurker and I wanted to know more about dd/ttwd. I took a chance an emailed one blogger who is now a dear friend. Connections are made and friendships do happen. Hoping to hear from some of you who are interested.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Keeping The Peace In Our Home

It doesn't take long for the peace in our home to become unstable, shaky, unsteady. Three or four days max will test the patience of a husband. Surly answers, snappy talk, sassy responses, snippy phone calls all lead to rough patches in our home. Things seem smooth and then words, always words, come from a busy, distracted or grouchy wife. Then some distancing is added, a shrug of a shoulder and a couple of unanswered texts. Bingo!

Jack calls himself the peacekeeper. He wants our home to be an environment of peace and happiness. Rocking that boat is not a good idea. He did not give any warnings. He said I do know better than to act that way. I said I wanted to talk and he said, Oh, we would be talking, all right". Things continued and I started to distance myself now in NOT talking. Even though I know where this is all going, I keep distrupting the peace at home. Snapping and talking back continue. Then distancing is given a few more tries. A few days have passed and during that time, there have been sweet times, but there is an undercurrent that is real and dangerous for my backside.

Jack leaves on an errand and tells me he will return shortly. When he returns, he simply takes me by the hand and up to the guest room we go. On the bed, the paddle and the belt wait. He quickly undresses me and I am put over his knee. Two implements during one spanking is a first for us.  During the spanking, he lectures about peace in our home. Then the spanking stops and I think we are done. Wrong! He pulls me up and I sit on his lap. He wants to see my face and look in my eyes which are wild wondering what we are doing. He says he will live in a happy, peaceful home and he is the peacekeeper. I nod and then he puts me back over his knee. I squirm for dear life and he tells me to hold still or the spanking will be longer. I hold still, let me tell you! The belt and the paddle are used and my bottom is on fire. There is peace in my home now and I know that the peace begins with me.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Saying Thank You To Our Veterans

Veteran's Day is approaching. We were a military family managing deployments through Jack's long career. Although deployments were difficult and separations hard, we managed to make our way. Often we had reunions in airports in full view of strangers. There were always tears, kisses and camera flashes. One of the things I so loved is when people, both young and old, nodded our way or spoke a simple thank you to our family as we made our way home.

There were rough times to be sure. When Jack was in a combat zone far, far away, phone calls came to me in the middle of the night.  He would speak quietly and I would cry. We lived apart for two years after September 11th. He was safe, but an airplane was required to see one another. Sacrifices were many, but it was the right thing to do. We served our country as a family and celebrated each time the deployment ended, only to face another.

This video offers a suggestion on thanking those who serve. Consider the content of this short video and act on graciousness when you approach a person in uniform. They serve for you.
Thank you,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When Meredith Distances Herself And Finds Herself In A Stew

The day got off to  a rocky start. Jack was unhappy with me. He told me he wanted to talk about the way things were going. I said that I wasn't ready to talk. He told me that he would give me time, but there were things we needed to talk about. I shrugged and knew instantly just where I was standing...... very close the edge!

We went about our day separately. I thought about the rocky start and things that both were said and not said. He called me twice while I was out doing errands. I ignored both calls and then listened to his voice mail. The second voice mail sounded more irritated than the first. When I returned home, he wasn't there. You could actually feel the stew brewing here and the fire being stoked!  He called again. I answered and talked in short clipped sentences. Not good! I am not sure why I was distancing myself from the way we do things. I just did not want to talk and I did want to stay mad ......... for a while! I knew we would talk, but I was not ready to do so.

We were headed out to our friends' home for dinner. I was all dressed up waiting for Jack. Jack came into the kitchen and in once swoop, he gathered me in his arms and tilted my chin so our eyes met. He said, "Either your attitude changes immediately, or we are going upstairs for the biggest belt spanking you have ever had". I simply melted into his arms and the brewing stew mess was over. I was a submissive wife and we were off to the dinner party.

In a dd/ttwd home like ours, distancing is always addressed..... always. The next morning Jack brought me coffee and told me after the cup was empty, I would be paddled. Role affirmation is the consequence for distancing. I knew better than to argue. That would only make matters worse. The spanking was done in our guest room. The bed is lower and Jack likes me close. I always have a hard time with that paddle and holding still was impossible making the spanking last a long time. Jack said after it was over that talking is not something to put off. Did I understand? With the paddle firmly against my backside, agreement came quickly. No more distancing for Meredith!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Reaching Out To Readers of My Blog

I consider my blog a new one and the  few comments made are from other sweet bloggers. When you have a blog, a whole range of stats are presented: the number of page views per day, the location world wide of the viewers, and much more. However the number of comments are few even though the number of readers continue to multiply.

My post about the belt meeting my bottom was made five days ago. The number of viewers for that post has soared to nearly 3,000. Only a handful of comments have been made. I am fine with that.

I am reaching out to the readers who read my blog. Dd/ttwd must be of interest to you. I understand that commenting puts yourself out there. That is why I give my email address to you.

Considering the number of page views, some of you must have questions. Why not email me and let's talk. Our marriage was great and now that we have incorporated ttwd/dd, we are the happiest we have ever been. Take a minute and let's get to know one another. My email is right there.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jack's Belt And My Bottom Finally Meet

Jack did the introduction and he said it was long over due. Blog friends said the meeting would be to my liking and it wouldn't be that bad. Blog friends told me that I would like the belt better than Jack's trusty paddle. The suspense and anxiety over this introduction was almost too much to bare. 

Jet lag was over and my attitude was not good. He said it was time to reshape the attitude and get us back on track. I had a small request and it was denied rather quickly. My bottom would be bare. That's the way we spank. I pleaded that my backside was too tender after two weeks away. Jack just smiled and said he knew the way to do the tenderizing. He gave me a kiss and pointed upstairs.

And so we climbed the stairs to the bedroom and I went over his knee. I became very quiet as clothing came down and I was made ready. He spanked first with his hand. He has become an hard spanker. He holds me tight and I begin to sense what is to come. The belt met my bare bottom and the stinging began. Jack spanked until my sit spot was bright red. When the spanking was over, Jack held me close telling me that he hoped my attitude had improved. Just in case, the belt would remain on the bed. In case there was a need to use it again that day, Jack wanted it handy. 

So I survived my first belt spanking. It is over, but the belt is still on the bed. Jack said it is handy for round two. Attitude is everything here. Better attitude keeps the belt at bay. I asked Jack if we were all meeting together upstairs again and he replied a second meeting could be easily arranged. Ugh!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jet Lag Gets Paddled

I know it is a privileged situation here. We have been suffering from enormous jet lag after our 22 hours of flying......... three airplanes, three continents and no reset, no reconnection, no spanking, no belt! Jack was using a new implement and I was sweating bullets worrying about it. Jack had put the belt on a hook in our closet and I looked at it as I had put away folded laundry. Sweet people commented on my post telling me to relax, trust Jack and get through it. 

Home two days and no reset, no reconnection, no reaffirmation! We were exhausted and sleep came in waves over and over again. I became very sullen and withdrawn wondering why we were not taking care of ttwd. Where was the dd? Where was the ttwd? Where were Jack and Meredith? We entered into a silent mode just like the way we used to be before we began ttwd/dd. I did not like it one bit and it showed in my silence and withdrawing. I was on the verge of starting a huge argument with Jack. 

Instead I took a step back and thought about our situation. We were both weary from the traveling. Jack was still the boss. Jack was still the one in charge of us. I needed to be patient for the reset to happen. I needed to give Jack my support and love. He needed sleep not a demanding wife who needs a reset. 

We slept and slept some more. This morning I woke to the aroma of coffee and there was Jack with two big cups of frothy liquid coming in the bedroom door. Jack and Meredith were back. When I came out of the shower, Jack was standing near the bed with the paddle in his hand. He told me it was reset time and this was spanking #1. 

Trust me, this spanking was a long, stinging one, but it was wonderful to be back over Jack's knee. Once it was over, he was quick to tell me that spanking #2 would be with the belt this afternoon. I was to stop fretting and start accepting. It would happen. I needed it and so did he. 

Welcome home, Jack and Meredith. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good To Be Home.... But The Belt?

Jack and I have returned from the journey of a lifetime, but it feels so good to be home. Our journey took us far from home. We saw famous sights and did things we have always dreamed about. The food, the animals and people made the journey memorable. Thin hotel walls and lots of people around made any ttwd/dd spanking impossible. By the end of the two weeks away, we were in real need of reaffirmation of roles. Jack was losing patience with me and I was way over the edge. However 22 hours on an airplane left little reconnection time once we were home. Too little sleep and exhaustion took over. 

 Sleep was everything! Jet lag was raging full force and we both woke up at 3AM and had a serious talk under the covers. Our wee hour talk was about using the belt for the first time. I have pushed that implement away since we began ttwd/dd. I have said no. I am not ready and I do not want it. We have had this conversation over and over again. Jack has waited and listened. He has given me time to get used to the idea, but it has not been used on my backside. With his hand on my bottom, we talked. I said that I was too anxious to take that kind of spanking. He insisted that I needed it and reinforced his strong opinion with a hand spanking right there in bed in the middle of the night. Now completely wide awake, he told me that it would be happening later that day. He said I needed it without a doubt. With so many things to do once we started our day, that belt spanking has not yet happened. We need the reset after two full weeks away. He is doing errands and I am doing laundry and worrying. He has the belt hanging in the closet away from all the other belts. I stare at it as I put folded clothes away. I am worried and he is very confident that this kind of spanking is what I need. I have read my blogland friends talk about taking spankings with the belt. I am worried. Time is not on my side. When he gets home, the music stops and the spanking happens. I need advice and strength from you and I need it rather quickly.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spanking Meredith Written By Jack

Meredith and I thought it might be fun for me to write a blog entry...... just a few words from a husband's point of view,  a different perspective.

Meredith has often said, "Wow, wish we had brought ttwd back into our marriage years ago!" While I would agree, I can honestly say that timing is everything. Spanking wasn't necessarily something we were looking for, but we're glad Meredith stumbled upon it. I do not believe in luck or divine intervention, but I do believe that if one keeps an open mind, is adventurous, and as a couple support one another, then new opportunities and life-changing experiences are possible and good for a relationship. Ttwd has had a positive impact for us physically, emotionally and psychologically, and certainly socially for Meredith has found new friends and people with similar needs and experiences to talk with, share ideas and learn new things. I probably wouldn't have sought or embraced ttwd on my own, but I too feel the rewards of this lifestyle for us. I especially like the physical results, the changes in Meredith...... her mellowness, calming, yet sexual awakening and how spanking has brought us closer, redefined our roles and responsibilities, and has opened up boundless possibilities for future creative ttwd adventures. We're actually "reborn spankos".... in that we dabbled in spanking many  years ago (even before we were married) and then just came back to it in the past year.

About ttwd, let me say this ........ first and foremost. the spanking lifestyle must be consensual and beneficial to both participants. It is absolutely essential that good and clear communication be maintained specific to this lifestyle. We have had some of our best talks while driving or walking together......somehow it is easier when both people are facing forward to have serious discussions. Now though, we are very open and talk easily about our feelings, needs, desires, likes and dislikes related to spankings.

I decide what kind of spanking to give, where and how hard and long: morning or bedtime "wakie-wakie" or nightie-nightie just with my hand; often in the walk-in closet, bathroom or bedside; a "good-girl" or "maintenance" spanking over my knee or side of the bed or couch, generally with a hand warm-up followed by the paddle or wooden spoon; or on a few occasions, there is a need for "reaffirmation" or "reminder" spanking to calm Meredith down or remind her of the "Chain of Command" roles and responsibilities in our household. The latter are done with less warm-up and are a bit longer or harder with the paddle! I don't spank out of anger or punishment. Almost all spankings are done in the nude for both of us.... I like the feel of her body while I hold on to her and pull her into me afterwards. I always finish by pulling her into my body tightly, my hand or paddle firmly pressed into her now warm and pink bottom, and we talk: "Are you settled?" "Do you understand?"

So enough of this philosophizing! What you really want to know about, and why you are still reading this,  is ..... "What is it like to spank Meredith? What happens beforehand, during and after?" I guess the best way to tell this is through an example of a recent spanking session.

Today was an interesting, but somewhat typical kind of day. Meredith was a bit on edge, meaning she was sassy, fretting about things, perhaps it was because we are headed away again and she gets anxious, even bossy about time and who needs to pack what. So I knew she needed settling down. She walked into the bedroom wearing her bathrobe and I met her and had the paddle lying on the bed. She came to an immediate halt! I reached out and took her wrists and pulled her to me. In a fluid motion, I dropped her robe, pulled her across my knee and over the side of the bed, wrapping her close to me pinning her arms. Meredith is a "wiggler" or "squirmer"when she is spanked! I proceed to "warm her up"with my hand, telling her that she needed to relax and take the day's tasks and events in stride...... fretting about them won't make it any easier. A good "warm-up" is important and after a dozen or so smacks, Meredith is ready for the paddle. I like the paddle in that it can ready both cheeks at once or nicely spank on each side one at a time. I like to be consistent, striking with the same intensity and rhythm, producing a nice pinkness. Meredith whimpers, squirms about a bit, takes it well as she knows she needs to be less hyped and this spanking will bring her back to calm. Afterwards I stand her up, pull her close and hold her tightly, the paddle still firmly, but still on her hot bottom. We talk. I have her attention. I tell her she needs to mellow and enjoy the process of packing and getting ready without freaking out about the little details. She now knows, and she knows that the spanking helped her become calm and "settled". We hug and enjoy the closeness. I throw the paddle on the bed and gently caress Meredith's stinging bare bottom.... she knows to be calm, to take things in stride, to lean on me for direction. Her mood is changed and the sass is gone. All is happy again!

Ok, so that is just an example of how a spanking session goes in our household. We spank often. Sometimes when we travel, particularly with others, spanking is difficult to work in. But then this is where a bit of creativity and imagination comes into play, and that makes ttwd all the more fun!

I hope this blog entry was of interest for you, perhaps even informative, and perhaps I'll write another blog post someday.

Meredith's Jack

Sunday, September 29, 2013

After A Great Vacation....... A Wallop Of A Spanking

Coming home from any vacation away has always been difficult for me. I am a control person and returning from a wonderful vacation sets me on edge. Jet lag is a privileged problem, granted. I had it and could not shake it. I was up at 4AM madly going from one task to another..... laundry, mail, unpacking..... re-entry is always difficult. I spin right out of control and there was Jack.

Jack told me that it wasn't all mine to do. He would work with me. I made some snide remark and rolled my eyes. He said that was it. He pulled me right into the bedroom. I told him that he could not spank me when he was upset with me. He said that he would do just that. He then told me to be still and I immediately quieted down. Bottom bared and I received a hard spanking as a home welcoming. I do know I deserved it, but being spanked when Jack is angry was not much fun. He stood me up and held that paddle on my bare backside as we continued to talk. He said that he knew we would be right back in the bedroom if I didn't settle down. I continued jumping from one task to another, but now with a sore bottom. I did feel settled. We worked together on all the things we had to do. Jack kept his eye on me and the paddle was not put away until late afternoon.

I did so well on the country roads of Europe, but right here surrounded by lots to do so very early, early in the morning, I unpacked my poor attitude and was walloped by a steady husband. I deserved exactly what happened. It is always amazing how a sore bottom can make everything seem right. We worked together on all the things we needed to do and tumbled back into bed for a sweet afternoon nap.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ttwd On A Country Road In Europe

Jack and I are enjoying the last few days of a European holiday. I have missed blogging and have decided to share my small ttwd/dd victory with all of you.

We stayed away from the big cities this time to enjoy the small little towns in between those big cities. Small hotels were our choice. We were headed into one small town, but had a really long way to go. Traveling here is very different from doing so at home. There are no hotels circling the larger cities. So we were arriving late at night, with no reservations. We were even a little lost and it was now dark. We were hungry and I was very frustrated. Late, hungry, no reservations and one tired couple in a place they did not know. Sound like an argument of blame coming on?

Before beginning ttwd/dd, the "old" Meredith would have raised her voice and blamed Jack for this big mess. The argument would have accelerated into the possible spoiling of our vacation. Things were tense in the car. I watched the clock tick off the minutes and listened to my stomach growl. We were in a strange land and knew we had a bit of a bad situation here.

I thought about how this might play out. Jack was driving in a strange place and needed me to help navigate. I needed to remain calm. I thought about Jack being the boss. He is leading and needs me to follow.i need to trust and support him, not blame and argue. He was taking care of things.

We found a hotel and the hotel people recommended a romantic restaurant nearby. I had remained calm and helpful. I was supportive and polite. While at dinner, Jack spoke about my behavior on the long car ride. He noticed! He saw that I put my frustration aside and did not attack verbally his decision. He kept us safe and we arrived in harmony and did not have an argument or long angry silences.

When in bed next to a sleeping Jack, I thought about what I had done on that car ride. I leaned into Jack and he acknowledged my doing so. He was pleased with me and told me so.

How perfect is that? I know that acting in a agreeable way will not always happen, but it happened this time. I felt different because my actions were calm and supportive. Sweet!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Meredith's Words of Wisdom

I will be away from blogland for a couple of weeks. I will miss all of you and look forward to catching up upon my return. Take care,

I have learned many things since we began this journey. I thought I would share a few of the things I think are mot important.

The connection I feel with my husband is amazing. When I am spanked, I feel loved, protected and loved every single time.

I know my opinion counts and my point of view valued.

I know that arguing beyond reason ends with a spanking.

I know that Jack is becoming a spanko. He talks, acts and does not hesitate when a spanking is needed.

I know that Jack likes the benefits of spanking me.

When I am being spanked, I am thinking about how much that paddle stings and when the spanking will be over.

Before and after the spanking, I crave his touch, strength, gentleness.

I am learning that bossiness leads quickly to a spanking.

During the spanking. I think I should have my head examined right after my rear is examined.

I know that Jack always follows through. If a spanking is needed, then a spanking happens.

I know there are never any negotiations ever.

After a spanking, I feel just two things: on fire butt and overwhelming love for my husband

Jack will not take any guff or backtalk from me.

I know that "the edge" refers to the point at which a spanking has been earned.

I know that our marriage is smoother and happier since the day we began domestic discipline.

I know that the closet is a fun place for a spanking and a very serious place for a spanking.

I know that Jack could easily be nominated for the most consistent HoH in all of DD country.

I know that I love my Jack and feel safe that he is in charge.

Jack is the boss and I am not the boss.

Jack likes to fix things including me.

Keeping my tone respectful in a discussion means Jack is listening to me.

I know that we are beginning to see the benefits of DD and celebrate the way it is working for us.

I am the happiest I have ever been and Jack feels the same way.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not So Gentle Jack And "Finishing Up"

This post is about the changes in our marriage. Things continue to change and Jack wants these changes recorded. So here is what happened on Friday.

A little background information would be helpful here. I am a meticulous housekeeper. It is one of the ways I best handle stress. Although Jack says he has a better way to handle stress, quick and reliable to my bottom.  Every drawer is neat; every flat surface is devoid of clutter and personal things; sparse and serene are my interior design trademarks. I find it soothing and peaceful. My home is that way right now!When I was a working girl, my colleagues called me a flow engineer. I was always organized and ready. Early to my work desk and early to every meeting, I was ready. Jack has always said that I would be early and giving instructions at my own memorial service. I pack early for vacations. I return library books before due dates. I keep a list of all grocery needs. I send birthday cards on time. Drawers in my kitchen are neat as a pin. The infamous walk in closet, scene of many spankings, is neat with nothing out of order. My purse is litter-free. My car has no food wrappers or clothes thrown into the backseat. I keep notebooks just because I like to. My phone is always charged. Our bed is always made  with fresh duvets. Laundry is folded and put away once the dryer's melodic chime rings. Towels are changed frequently in both the bathrooms and the spa. The guest room is pristine awaiting the next guest. The silver is polished and the crystal gleaming. File drawers are in order and color coded. Christmas shopping and greeting cards are ready before Thanksgiving. Sometimes it was a bit much. Friends gave me a bad time. Nothing out of order, no clutter of any kind!

I am a little like Martha. I crave organization and the presence of order everywhere. I detest clutter.

 Friday it was a different scene.

Jack was headed to the golf course after breakfast. He told me when he would be back. I had four hours to tidy up and enjoy my blog reading and posting. I walked through the kitchen with the breakfast dishes spread out on all counter tops. I sorted dirty laundry in piles outside the laundry room and never started the washing machine. I stripped the bed of duvet covers and left all the down quilts, feather bed and pillows spread out over the bedroom floor. I glanced at my desk and the bill work that I needed to attend to and I glanced at the grocery list that suggested a run to the store. I glanced at the birthday cards waiting to be addressed. The guest room was a mess because I have a little trip coming up and that is where I spread things out as I am packing. The cleaning supplies were on the bathroom counter and the things to be ironed were stacked on the ironing board in the laundry room. A full day of home keeping as Martha would say was waiting for me.

I walked by all of it and sat down with my iced tea and my laptop to enjoy my blogs, email my friends and begin possible posts. For four hours, I left the real world behind. I emailed friends, worked on two posts and was really enjoying myself. I have no idea where the meticulous housekeeper went. She just wasn't here. The garage door opened and I jumped with a start. Nothing had been done.......... absolutely nothing.

Jack walked in and just stared at what he found. Later he would tell me our home looked like a robbery scene. He said hello, kissed my cheek and went through the clutter mine field upstairs to shower. He really said very little. I did not hear the shower from where I sat down stairs with my laptop. He came down the stairs quietly still dressed in his golf clothes. He told me that he was dumbfounded by what he saw and could think of only one thing to get my attention. He pulled me from the couch and  we went upstairs. He pulled off my sundress and panties. He took the paddle from the dresser. He put me over his knee locking my legs under his. He spanked me using his hand and told me that I had never been spanked for not doing something, but this was a first. He kept using his hand and I was taking it pretty well although it stung. Then came the paddle and I had a very hard time holding still. When the paddling was over, he held me briefly and I could tell he was still very irritated with me. He told me he would shower and I was to get busy. I was not to touch my laptop or ipad. He asked if I understood as he waved the paddle.

Then Jack cooked a delicious dinner and I did the sous chef things like making salad and setting the table. His hand would intentional brush my bottom. He said twice that we would finish up later.
The house was in order and serenity was restored to our home, but not between Jack and me. I stayed quiet and out of his reach. My bottom hurt like never before. I kept thinking how I had changed since beginning ttwd/Dd and really thought about what I hadn't done that usually would have been second nature to me. Consistent Jack was steady and ready......... with that paddle. Second nature to him.

It was late and I was reading in bed. Jack had left the paddle on the dresser. I did not put that thing back. I will not touch it. Jack walked in the bedroom ready for bed. He picked up the paddle and came to my side of the bed. He asked what I had learned today and I told him I had learned to prioritize better. He said that was good and that we would now "finish-up." He helped me out of bed, put me over the bed, bared my bottom and paddled me five times. He put me in bed, turned out the light and climbed in on his side. He told me when we began ttwd, he did not think he would ever spank for the kind of thing he spanked for today. He said that usually housework is done as a team, but I did have plenty of time to get these things done. He put his hand on my bottom and gently turned me over so we could "spoon" to sleep. I still didn't say much. I was astounded by the day's events and really needed the day to end. Before ttwd/Dd. all this mess would have caused an long argument,  cold silence, huffiness and attitude. Not today. A spanking caught my attention and Jack finished up. Order had been restored to both our home and us.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Linking With A New Persepctive


I hope you all read Jennelle's blog at A New Prospective. It took us awhile to find one another. She left a comment on my blog which stated how much alike our journeys in Dd were. Then she sent me an email and a friendship was born. Jennelle and I  both have the most consistent of HoHs. These men are right there to guide and lead us.  We were both military wives living through deployments. When separations were in full swing, we each made the decisions for our families. When hubbies returned, we each had a hard time giving up the control and accepting our husbands' leadership. We each were talented in keeping arguments going long after decisions were made. We each have been spanked for the arguing and the inability to relinquish control. We each have shared the spanking episodes we have endured on our blogs and our emails.  Our husbands are gentle, calm, consistent and completely reliable as to how to handle a wife that won't accept decisions made.

When we found one another, each of us had recently been spanked and bemoaned how we each wanted to reach that place where we accepted our husbands ' decisions as we recognized how difficult that was.  When we first emailed one anther, we talked about deployments and the difficult involved in separation. Then we began to offer one another support. Jennelle told me she was learning to soften a discussion and to submit to spankings. Things were looking up and she and her husband were listening to one another. 

Her most recent post is a shining example of what happens when a wife accepts her husband's leadership and guidance. In the post, she acknowledges that there will be spankings, but she has learned to avoid angry confrontations and show respect when discussions replace arguments. As a result, she writes that her husband's speaking is gentle and loving. They are living the Dd life and it is working. 

I cannot imagine not having other Dd women in my life like Jennelle. To do ttwd/Dd, I need the support of other women who catch me when I stumble and cheer when I have done well following my husband's leadership. We are blogging because we care about one another. We want to learn and help one another. 

Read Jennelle's blog and comment on her keen insight. She definitely has a new perspective and I applaud her. I am not where she is just yet, but I will be. She helps me sort things out and is helping me  get it right. Tell her I said hello! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Meeting With The Boss After A Long Day of Waiting

Jack and I had four lovely days away on an island in the sound. We stayed at a cottage on the water belonging to friends. We had the cottage to ourselves the first two days. Sleeping late, loving under the covers, delicious breakfasts, beachcombing and late night star gazing ........ all made our time alone really sweet! We spent one afternoon sitting in chairs like these talking about ttwd and really hearing one another. At one point in our conversation, I cried with emotion at the way we really heard one another and how good all this was for our marriage.

Then we hit some bumps. Four times during this time away, I told my husband what to do and what not to do. This happened when we were alone......... in the car, in a grocery store and in a restaurant. He did not like it and told me so. He said I was close to "the edge". I shrugged. He was not pleased with me saying I was not treating him like the boss of our family. He doesn't like my bossiness. He told me that he is the boss and somehow I am unable to be more submissive. Comments I made to him seemed small, but he was very upset. He told me we would deal with it when we got home. Swell!

We arrived home late and I went right to bed. He tucked me in and I thought all was well. He left early the next morning and told me to sleep as he showered and made coffee. Around 6AM, he woke me up walking into the bedroom carrying a cup of frothy coffee in one hand and the paddle in the other. He put the coffee on the night stand and sat down on the bed holding the paddle in his hand. He was calm and spoke quietly. He would be gone until early evening. I was to cancel my evening plans with friends. No discussion and no negotiations. He wanted me home and waiting for his return. There would be a serious spanking and talk. I needed to spend the day getting ready and in a mindset to submit.

I emailed three people who do ttwd and they offered support and concern. I cannot imagine doing ttwd without the three friendships I have made. Each of them reminded me that Jack loved me and to not fight the spanking would show my submission. I had plenty of time to think. I thought about how the four things I said undermined his authority. He is the boss and I need to be mindful of that. Time dragged and I waited.

When he finally came home, I was already crying. He held me and said that we would be going upstairs. He said I had spun myself up all day just thinking about the spanking and what I had said. He said that there would be a spanking, but an easy one.......... no paddle! He said he needed to do what he had promised. Then he knew I needed to calm down. We went upstairs and I went over his knee. He bared my bottom and spanked me with his hand. He held me when it was over. He asked me who the boss is in our family. I immediately answered that he was. He asked if I needed the paddle and I said no. Let's put this behind us and start over, he whispered.