Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sweet Windy and Amazing Storm

That is some title for this post! We have had a wonderful time with
Windy and Storm. A week is just not long enough. Windy and I had plenty of time to talk ttwd not to mention chatting about a thousand other things. Jack and Storm were instant friends and they golfed away three afternoons. 

I will not steal Windy's thunder as she wants to share their visit here with you. I will say that we did hear unusual thunder during their visit and I just thought how very appropriate. 

I found Windy to be just as I predicted: funny, sweet, caring. We already were good blog friends and now we became true friends. I always find it wonderful when ttwd friends meet and right away share a level of intimacy. I love when new friends from blogland share their meeting experiences online.  You can see us as real people. She talked about her fishing and eyed local rivers for fishing inspiration. She enjoyed our local beaches and walked one of my morning exercise routes. She loves her baseball caps and purchased a bright yellow one as a visit souvenir. 

I have met many Hohs who join their wives. Each couple is unique and inspirational. Windy and Storm came into our home for a week's stay with great ease and comfort. I love Windy. I also love Storm. They are a sweet couple, easy and relaxed. I could write a great deal about Windy, but I have promised that she would do a lot of the telling. 

Right in the middle of our time together, I had computer problems that I did not know how to fix. Storm graciously offered to spend his vacation time fixing my laptop. The fix took some time. Storm kindly kept working and eventually, after setting up three computers to compare settings, he did fix my laptop. It was not quick and I made sure the homemade cookies were close at hand. He liked that and I liked his company very much around our kitchen table as we both worked at this problem. Storm did the work and I asked the questions. 

What really impressed me was the true kindness he gave the situation. He did not know all the ins and outs of Apple laptops, but he knew how to eventually solve what was happening on my device. We talked quietly. I watched him go from one device to another comparing different settings. He is a quiet man, quick to use very funny one-liners and quick to roll up his sleeves to tackle a hard job. 

Storm is also a deep tenor singer and he entertained us several times. Windy was on the sideline beaming, so proud of her Storm. 
Windy is a funny, loving person. When we met, it was as if we had known one another forever. Think lots of laughing, good food and great talks about everything. A real friendship is now firmly ours. Oh, and I cannot forget to tell you all that he irons his own shirts right there with my ironing board and iron. 

The week flew by and I loved how Windy knew me so well. She seems to remember every word I have ever written, text or spoke. I am not kidding! She loves Storm and it is so evident the great care they give one another. Our glass cookie jars are now empty and there is no cake on the glass dome-lidded stand. All is a sweet memory now. 

Our week is soon over, and our houseguests are home. We had a wonderful visit. Now it is Windy's turn to share. We thought it would be fun to post together.


Saturday, June 1, 2019

A Little Visit

Look who is coming for a little visit! She just might decide to tell you about it. We'll see! 


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Freedom Is Not Free

If you go to Washington, DC and respectfully visit the national monuments, you give pause at each memorial, but especially when at the site of the Korean War Memorial. The statues of the soldiers in point formation are so real especially at night when lighting reflects on their faces. As you reach the tip of the soldier point formation, there is a surrounding wall embedded with important, worthy sayings. There is one in particular that makes you stop and think twice about our freedoms. 

Freedom Is Not Free

Indeed, freedom is not free. There is a price to pay for our freedom.  Military families pay all the time. We are a military family knowing the heartache and danger of deployments and the wonder and amazement of living in our nation's capital during Jack's last billet at headquarters. This Korean Memorial was always a stop on our monument tour as we guided friends and family on their visits to us. 

This national day of remembering centers on those who did not come home, those who paid the ultimate price for keeping us safe and serving our country. Many veterans come home to live full lives or deal with injuries from the battlefield. We remember them when death comes. We honor those who served on this day. 

I am posting this early as we are traveling to meet family for this long first weekend of summer. We will pause and give tribute to all who have fallen. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Advice From A Respected Blogger

Have you read Windy's Part One post? She and Storm ran right into a big roadblock and then needed to work things out. Windy gave us Part One. Then an interesting thing happened. The two of us talk on the phone a couple of times a week. Before she posted Part One, we talked. I reassured her that we had been right where she and Storm were. Over the six years of our ttwd, we have had such a situation and needed to regroup, reassess and even renegotiate. I worried and fretted just as she did. I did write about it, but I do not have the luxury of time to comb through 508 posts in search of our ttwd mess that I did write about. We shared our thinking with one another and I listened to Windy knowing she was right. Yes, I have said all this before, but Windy encouraged me to say it again. 

Blogging is on the back burner now as I enjoy many other things, but I did want to tell Windy that the biggest tool of ttwd is right there for her and her husband to use. The tool is not a paddle, but communication between the two of them. Talking, talking and some more talking was my recommendation. Throw in some listening and discussion and the situation is fixed. 

In return, Windy gave me some worthy advice. Yes, I may have written about our ttwd one-time fiasco, but I need to revisit how things are working for Jack and me. She said that I need to share what is working, what has changed, what will never change. Saying that once Jack saw how well a spanking worked, he knew ttwd was here to stay, and then never blogging about it again is not helpful to people still reading this blog. What is happening right here is still important for blogland to read about............ so says Windy! When I told her that I had already written about all that, she said that I needed to write once again. People want to hear that our ttwd is still going strong.

What has happened in six years of ttwd is amazing. We have changed our marriage.  I am still feisty, but I have really checked how I speak to my husband and he acknowledges that. He does not ever want me to change. He has complimented me on the way I accept his leadership instead of fighting it.  I have stopped needing the last word. I never say no regarding sex and the sex is firework-worthy. Married a long time, I thought those firework times were over, but spanking and intimacy have fueled things in completely another direction. That pleases both of us big time. Jack said he was completely unprepared for the reaction of his wife after a big spanking........ my emotions were under control, my willingness to turn to him physically and emotionally was very obvious. Things began to smooth out for us. Jack likes to joke that he found the secret to "peace in his valley". He loved the results of a spanking and we were never giving that up. My guy was really a natural at being an Hoh and even more so at spanking his wife enough to "sting her bottom and turn things around". A spanking has the power to stop things cold. Although there is nothing cold about it. 

All this to say that ttwd is a part of who we are as if it were in our very DNA. We live it........ No more roadblocks, but checkups when needed. 

I see that there is Part Two waiting for me to read. 


Friday, May 3, 2019

Spanking and Baseball

Hi, everyone! We are just fine. Even though I am not blogging as frequently, ttwd is alive and well right here. I am busy with a new pastime which I love. Jack is golfing and we continue to travel a lot. So now that it is a new month, I need to post. Spanking happens all the time here in a playful way and once in a while, a serious way. Sometimes playful even turns into serious in the blink of an eye.

Jack was running late for his tee time and went to the end of the bed placing the pillow just the way he likes it for a spanking. I watch him from my side still tucked under the duvet. His pantomime begins. He motions for me to come to his side of the bed and I laugh shaking my head. He begins the spanking swatting away at an imaginary bottom as I laugh from afar. Then he motions for me to come over and now. I shake my head and he begins to move toward the infamous sweater drawer where the leather paddle lives. Talk about moving fast, I jump out of bed, scurry to his side as my cami and panty hit the floor. Over I go and the real spanking begins as he tells me his expectations for the day. I remind him that the window is open and he just smiles and continues spanking. 

Finally, he stops and begins some serious loving pulling my backside to his front side. What a sweet way to assure a great round of golf. 

He did say that this spanking was a lot like baseball. I asked him what it meant. He told me that as I waited in bed to be called to his side that it was like I was in the on-deck circle waiting for my turn in the batter's box. He said he fancied himself the pitcher. I told him to be on his way to the shower as his tee time was near. He kissed my forehead, spanked one last time and was on his way loving the peace in his valley. 

How are those spring sports faring at your house?


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

So Very Poignant

Maybe you have been there too. This is the time of day we loved the most. Twilight, the river, the sky all come together over that beautiful Cathedral. When you are in Paris, you walk and walk until your feet ache. Then if you are lucky, you go to one of the many sidewalk cafes, open-air and inviting, and have a glass of wine and people watch. Always the Cathedral is in the background, huge and elegant reminding you always of just where you are. People of France, the world shares your loss and hope for a renovation like no other.


Sunday, April 14, 2019

Your Sunday Treat

This little commercial is so much fun, I just had to share it. It speaks to every last one of us here in blogland and you will laugh and smile when it is complete.